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Northern bee: features, useful properties of honey and popularity

Bees are amazing insects. They are extremely hardworking. Thanks to their efforts, people have the opportunity to receive an incredibly valuable product - honey.

Quality honey is not in vain considered one of the most nutritious food supplements for human health. Therefore the maintenance of bees is very important and honorable work. The breeds of these insects are different. In this article we will consider one of the most hard-working breeds, honey which has a special health benefit.

Northern wild bee

The northern bee belongs to a fairly well-known Russian breed. Its habitat is Siberia and the Far East. It is found in the Altai Territory. You can also find the name of an insect: Central European, or dark forest. These are all names of the same northern bee. Insects have already inhabited the cold regions for a long time, and for all these years they have managed to adapt to difficult weather conditions. A distinctive feature of the northern climate is a very short summer. Time to work for bees is very little, so they need to be wonderfully able to manage to collect pollen.

Features of this breed

The northern bee is one of the most productive breeds. The formation of this breed took place even during the glacial period, so it is distinguished by its homogeneity.

What features distinguish the northern bee from other breeds:

  • Strong immunity, which developed over the years of existence in extreme conditions;
  • Great fertility of the queens of this breed;
  • High medicinal qualities of the produced honey, which has a rich in useful ingredients;
  • The bee's ability to tolerate severe frosts and a prolonged cold season;
  • Productive use by honeybees of short time honey;
  • Economical feed intake during the wintering period.

The reasons for the popularity of the northern bee

For its diligence, it is valued not only in Russia, but also among foreign beekeepers. Dwelling in severe climatic conditions has developed in insects an extraordinary vitality. In northern apiaries this type of bees is the most optimal variant for breeding. The natural high resistance of the northern bee to many common among other types of these insect diseases allows beekeepers to save money on purchasing special medicines. In turn, this makes it possible to receive environmentally friendly honey, without the admixture of harmful chemicals.

Features of the honey collection

At the first signs of spring warming, the northern bee begins to work actively. In a very short time of summer honey harvest, a hard-working insect manages to collect a large amount of nectar. This makes it possible to make a sufficient supply of honey. This product has the property to be stored for a long time without losing its medicinal qualities. Small toilers use daylight saving time, giving 100%. This they have earned themselves such popularity among beekeepers all over the world. Collected for a short period of time, honey bees suffice to winter themselves, as well as share supplies with a person.

Bees hibernation

The northern bee spends the winter in the open country. The hives in which the insects are located are covered with a thick layer of snow. The snow cover allows the bees to overwinter in severe northern conditions. It is snow that protects bee hives from cold and wind. The temperature in bee dwellings remains acceptable for successful wintering. With a healthy state of the inhabitants of hives and sufficient supplies of honey, wintering should pass safely. Favorable is the fact that the bee family lives in isolation from the outside world, and therefore it is protected from many diseases characteristic of bees.

The northern breed of bees, in addition to all its obvious advantages, has some difficulties in caring for itself. One of the important tasks of the beekeeper is the need to control the state of bees during wintering. But the harsh climatic conditions of northern winters do not give the beekeeper such an opportunity. Because of the large layer of snow covered with hives, there is no easy access to the beehive dwellings. However, this disadvantage is compensated by the fact that in severe conditions, bees have developed stable immunity, which does not allow the development of diseases. The diligence of these insects also allows you to accumulate sufficient stocks of honey for the entire period of wintering.

Honey of northern bees

It has been proved that for a set of indicators the honey of the northern bee surpasses other varieties of this valuable product. What is the reason? As is known, the northern latitudes are very rich in unique medicinal herbs. In other regions, they do not grow. Pollen, which is collected by insects from such plants, is unique in its content. Honey, obtained from this pollen, has an antimicrobial and antibacterial effect. It is clean, free from harmful impurities and has a spicy aroma of medicinal herbs. This product has all the attributes of quality natural honey.

As is known, in order to obtain first-class honey, bees have to process nectar and enrich it with their enzymes, produced in the salivary glands. The Northern Bee performs its work diligently, and therefore the concentration of valuable minerals and useful enzymes in this product is higher compared to other varieties.

After studying the composition of northern honey, scientists came to the conclusion that it contains valuable components that are natural antibiotics. By their action on the human body these useful substances have no analogues.

Nutritionists from all over the world consider northern honey to be an incredibly curative product. They recommend it for regular use as a valuable supplement to basic nutrition. However, despite all its benefits, you need to use honey in limited portions, eliminating allergies. Rationally using northern honey, you will keep your health and will always feel cheerful and burst of energy.

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