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New Year's candlestick from a glass by own hands

Interesting and beautiful items for decorating the interior can be made from unnecessary old things. A familiar situation: a few pieces remained from the set of glasses, they are now unsuitable for laying the table, and it is a pity to throw good dishes. What can be done from unnecessary glasses? Do not rush to put them on the back shelf in the closet, we offer you some interesting ideas how to make a candlestick from a glass with your own hands.

Miracles under the glass dome

If you have left one or more unnecessary glasses / glasses on the leg, you can make a very original candlestick. Turn the existing vessel upside down. Now his leg is on top - and it will be the candle on it. The bowl of the glass was magically transformed into a container for decorating. Take a tight enough cardboard, circle around the edges of the glass and cut. If desired, the "stub" can be painted or even painted. Now you can start the most interesting part - decorating. Degrease and well rub the inner surface of the bowl. In it you can place any small figures, souvenirs and just beautiful little things. It can be sea pebbles and seashells, artificial flowers, colorful beads or buttons. In this technique, you can make candlesticks from glasses for the New Year with your own hands. Just choose the right decor - volumetric snowflakes, miniature Christmas trees, a Santa Claus figure or just a mountain of gifts.

Lacy motifs

An interesting romantic candlestick from a glass can be made with your own hands, using lace or lace braid for decoration. Theoretically, for such a decor any semi-transparent fabric or a very delicate one will do. The candle in this case will be located in the bowl of the glass. With the selected material, gently wrap the wine glass. Start with the fitting, and then glue the lace. Theoretically, your candlestick is ready, but you can decorate it with decorative braid, rhinestones and beads. Tip: using lace or cloth of different colors, you can make the craft more brighter and festive. To make a ready-made candlestick from a glass, made with his own hands in this technique, did not burst during operation, choose small candles, minimally warming the walls of the bowl.

Candlestick in decoupage technique

Do not know how to turn an unnecessary glass into an interesting decorative object? Try to transform it in the technique of decoupage. Choose three-layer paper napkins with beautiful patterns. For work, you will also need acrylic paint, PVA glue, lacquer and special contours according to your desire for the final part of the decor. Degrease the surface of the glass goblet and apply as a primer the first layer of acrylic paint. It is most convenient to do this with a sponge, only one layer is enough, but if it seems to you that it did not turn out exactly enough, repeat the manipulation. As long as the paint dries, it's time to select the patterns that you will paste. Cut out the most interesting and beautiful motifs from the napkin. Think about their location on the basis. After drying the paint, glue the selected elements to the bowl of the glass using PVA glue. Carefully smooth the napkin with a brush, try to paste pictures without wrinkles and wrinkles. When the glue dries, the craft can be dyed with paints, emphasize the individual lines with a special contour. In conclusion, do not forget to cover your work with varnish.

Floating candles in glasses

You want to make a candlestick from a glass with your own hands, but do not know yet, will you need after the chosen capacity for the intended use? The original decor with the use of cups or wine glasses can be done in a matter of minutes. And, most of all, the proposed method will allow after some time to disassemble the composition and use the glasses again for drinks. So, you will need floating candles and decor by mood. Fill the glasses with water half or 2/3. Put inside some decorations - small flowers, beads or something else. Decor can be chosen at will, fit for it and whole small figures descending under their weight to the bottom or just a scattering of large curly spangles that float on the surface.

Painting on glass

If you draw well, you can try to paint an unnecessary wine glass. First, come up with a drawing, you can draw a sketch on paper. Some techniques, such as dot painting, are performed immediately on the subject. Choose the right colors and get to work. It is not difficult to make New Year candlesticks with your own hands from glasses, painting them with thematic drawings. For this, even the artist does not need to be - frosty patterns, snowflakes or traditional Christmas symbols, like a Christmas tree and toy bells, anyone can draw. Read the recommendations for applying the selected paint. Some formulations do not need additional treatment, others after drying it is required to cover with varnish.

Candlestick from a glass by own hands: a master-class "we draw on stencils"

What if you like patterns on the glass , and you do not know how to draw at all? Interesting painting on the glass can be done using stencils. In advance, think of a pattern and make a paper template. In order to get a painted silhouette on the background, you need to cut out the desired shape, and around it leave the paper. Another technique of drawing involves cutting out the template of the shape we are interested in along the contour. Add the ready figure to the surface of the glass and apply paint on top. In this technique, you can make a candlestick from an inverted glass by yourself. Try to experiment, combine several colors and layers of paint, draw different shapes and complement them with strokes made by hand. An interesting idea: as stencils you can use real plant leaves or flowers.

Glitter and chic

One of the simplest and most effective candlestick decor options is to cover them with sequins. To do this you will need transparent glue and decorative shiny dust. You can buy such glitters in the store of goods for creativity or the cosmetic department. How to make a candlestick from a glass with your own hands in this technique? It's very simple - rinse and degrease the glass or glass. Next, apply glue to the surface with patterns or a continuous layer and sprinkle with sequins. Shake off excessively and leave to dry. If you want, you can repeat this step. If you want your candlestick to remain beautiful for as long as possible, and you can wash it, cover the product with a clear varnish.

How else can you decorate candlesticks from glasses?

In fact, ways to turn boring dishes into accessories for setting candles are much more than described in our article. If you are seriously interested in some kind of creativity, try using it to decorate candlesticks. For example, glass beads can be tied with beads or even a beautiful yarn with a hook. A bowl of glass can be pasted from the outside with artificial flowers or rhinestones. What is the easiest way to make candlesticks from glasses by own hands? Photos of various ideas you can see in our article, choose those that seem most interesting and simple to you personally. Do not be afraid to use non-standard materials. For the decor, defective beads, scrap jewelry and many other small things that will be found in every home are perfect.

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