Mirabell Hotel 4: reviews of tourists and hotel description in Turkey. What services are waiting for you in Club Hotel Mirabell 4

Of course, in the warm season of every year, everyone wants to at least temporarily forget about work, everyday difficulties and just relax. And a very popular area of tourism is the Turkish resort center Alanya, where the Mirabell Hotel 4 is located. Here you can have a great time and have fun. What services does the hotel offer? For recreation of which categories of the population it is intended? Is it worth buying a ticket? These questions are asked by many tourists.

Mirabell Hotel 4: location

A small hotel complex is located almost on the very shore of the Mediterranean Sea in a small village called Konakli. It is worth noting that many people will like this location, because from here you can quickly get to the famous resort city of Alanya (Alanya). Mirabell Hotel 4 is located just three kilometers away. From here it is easy to get to the busy city center, so public transport runs all the time.

But the nearest airport is far away - the distance to Antalya is 130 kilometers. But, again, for an additional payment, the hotel staff will help you book a transfer to the airport, although it will take a long time.

It is worth noting that next to the hotel there is not only the sea - on the one hand it is surrounded by mountains, which creates a beautiful panorama. Between the sea shore and the territory of the hotel lies the route, but the traffic here is not so lively, so the noise of cars is unlikely to disturb you.

Brief description of the hotel

Mirabell Hotel 4 (photo above) consists of three buildings - one small three-storey building and two six-storey buildings. The main building has a spacious lobby and a reception desk.

Unfortunately, the hotel can not boast of a spacious territory, since almost all the area is occupied by residential buildings, catering establishments and a large swimming pool. Nevertheless, even such a small patch of land stands out with its exquisite design - palm trees and exotic plants grow everywhere, neatly laid paths are pleasant to walk around, and in the shade of trees one can always relax on a comfortable bench.

By the way, the hotel was built in 1993. But the last thorough reconstruction was carried out not so long ago - in 2007. Therefore, it is not worth worrying about the quality of repairs and the availability of modern appliances.

Description of hotel rooms

The hotel has 176 rooms. 150 of them are standard rooms, the remaining 26 rooms are luxury rooms. Of course, the apartments are furnished according to all international standards, so you are waiting for a soft bed and a full set of necessary furniture. There is even a large desk, which will suit the taste of people who need to work.

The bathroom is also very modern. A large bath in which you can relax is only in the deluxe rooms. Standard rooms are equipped with a comfortable shower cubicle. By the way, hot water appears mainly in the evening, but if necessary, you can ask the hotel staff - they can turn on the hot water supply at other times of the day. In the bathroom there is also a toilet, a washbasin, a large wall mirror. A full set of towels is included, as well as a hair dryer.

As for household appliances and other accessories, all the essentials here are also available. In particular, an individual air conditioner with a convenient control system will help keep the room at a suitable temperature. There is also a TV with cable and some satellite channels.

Immediately it is worth noting that the existing mini-bar is empty - it is filled only at the request of the client and only for a fee. For the safe, which is also present in the room, the hotel administration takes a small amount.

As for living conditions, the rooms are always clean, as the maids are cleaned every day. Change of bed linen is carried out on the hotel schedule - twice a week.

Most of the rooms have access to their own small balcony. And depending on the location of your room, the windows will have a view of the sea, the mountains or the inner courtyard of the hotel.

Room service is paid separately, but works round the clock. By the way, the hotel offers a free service "alarm clock".

The scheme of food in the hotel complex

Hotel Mirabell Hotel 4 (Konakli) offers its customers a full-fledged food system "all inclusive" (all inclusive). Three times a day in the main restaurant of the hotel guests can eat a buffet, where everyone can choose their own dishes according to their own taste.

It should be noted that the menu of the restaurant is quite diverse. It offers exotic dishes of local cuisine, as well as traditional international cuisine. For example, dishes from different types of meat and fish. Often, deliciously prepared seafood is served on the table. There are special dietary and vegetarian menus, which, of course, will appeal to fans of healthy food and people with various disorders of the digestive system. There are also dishes of fresh vegetables and fruits. The choice of desserts is also impressive. And, of course, the residents are offered free local preparation drinks. By the way, the restaurant has a small outdoor terrace near the pool, where you can dine or have dinner in the fresh air.

On the territory of the Club Hotel Mirabell 4 (Turkey) there are five bars, so each client will find a place to his liking. Serve mainly local-made drinks, as well as non-alcoholic cocktails and traditional Turkish delicacies.

For those who want to enjoy luxury and pamper themselves with culinary delights, the hotel has an a la carte restaurant called "Alanya Sofrasi". But here you need to book a table in advance.

Does the hotel have its own beach?

Naturally, travelers who have gone on vacation, first of all are interested in questions about whether the hotel has its own beach and at what distance it is located. Fortunately, the hotel Club Hotel Mirabell 4 has a private beach line, and go to it no more than five minutes. By the way, it leads to a convenient and safe underground passage.

The beach is sandy and clean, as cleaning is done daily. But most tourists complain about a not very convenient descent. The fact that the coast here is a rock, on which walking is unsafe, because the surface is very slippery. But not so long ago a wooden pier was built on the beach, so the problem with descent has disappeared by itself. In addition, there is a good sandy descent into the sea in the place where the stone boulder ends.

Not far from the shore rows are comfortable sun beds and wide umbrellas, protecting from the sun - they can use the hotel's clients for free. There is also a point of rental of clean towels, but this service is paid separately, so it is worth to prepare for additional expenses. In addition, you can use inflatable mattresses, but they, again, are paid. There is a small bar on the beach, where Mirabell Hotel 4 offers a good selection of soft drinks, including juices, lemonade, soda and some alcoholic cocktails. Rescuers are also working here, who monitor the behavior of holidaymakers and in case of which they are ready to provide first aid.

Is it possible to practice water sports?

It is hardly possible to imagine a beach holiday without sports, playful competitions and droplets of extreme. And on the beach of Club Hotel Mirabell 4 all conditions for an active pastime are created.

There are specially designated areas where beach volleyball competitions are regularly held. In addition, there is a range of services that are not included in the cost of living. In particular, you can always use the services of a diving school. Here you will be given special training courses on diving, will help you choose the appropriate equipment, and then provide an opportunity to get an unforgettable experience - to explore the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition, on the beach for a relatively small fee you can ride a catamaran or a boat, as well as get a dose of adrenaline from a stunning walk on a water ski or parachute.

Entertainment and wellness procedures for tourists

Mirabell Hotel 4 (Alanya, Konakli) can offer its guests a lot of opportunities for recreation and entertainment. As already mentioned, there is a fairly large swimming pool with water slides. Around it are sun loungers and umbrellas. In addition, residents can use mattresses and towels for free.

For sports lovers, aerobics and aqua aerobics lessons are regularly held at the hotel (in the pool). In addition, there is a good gym where you can warm up. There is also a medium-sized tennis court. For a small fee, rackets and balls can be hired, and finding a partner is unlikely to be difficult. In the evening, the court is illuminated.

The hotel has a lot of board games. In particular, lovers of billiards will be pleased with quality tables. There are table tennis, darts, and a playground for volleyball, so you will not be bored. In addition, the hotel has a tour desk, where you can always help to choose a tour or a walk for every taste and at quite reasonable prices. And not far from the hotel there is a market where tourists just like to have fun shopping.

The hotel also offers some paid beauty and wellness treatments. In particular, there is a good beauty salon, where a lot of relaxing and rejuvenating procedures are offered. There is also a hairdresser, where at any convenient time you can refresh your hair. You can always visit a paid fitness center, which offers modern training programs.

The hotel has an excellent Turkish bath and a classic sauna, but you have to pay for these services. Guests positively respond about massage sessions, as here are real masters of their craft.

And if you have any health problems, the hotel staff will immediately call you a doctor. Specialist services are not included in the price.

From time to time on the territory of the hotel, various shows are arranged, including oriental belly dances, performances with torches, etc. Sometimes after the performance, incendiary dances follow.

For the same customers who prefer quiet passive rest, the hotel has a coffee bar, where you can see the latest press, as well as a TV lounge, where it is always nice to watch an interesting film.

Conditions for children's recreation

Mirabell Hotel 4 (Turkey) is designed primarily for family holidays. And surely the parents who are going on vacation with children are interested in information in advance about whether the hotel offers appropriate services.

In fact, many families stay in Mirabell Hotel 4. The tourists' testimonies indicate that this place is perfect for a holiday with children of any age. To begin the description of services, perhaps, costs from those which will facilitate residing with the small child. Immediately it should be noted that children under 12 years old can stay free of charge in the room with their parents in the event that an extra bed is not required. Local restaurants have a special diet menu, as well as dishes that are perfect for a child. For a fee, you can rent a buggy, which will be useful in the event that you decide to walk around the neighborhood.

In addition, the small residents of the hotel will be able to have a good time. After all, they created a good children's pool here, which is delimited from the pool - so parents will have the opportunity to watch their children even during bathing.

There are water slides of medium size, which will please both children and their parents. In addition, on the territory of the Mirabell Hotel 4 a mini club for children is created - experienced instructors will be engaged with them, and for children there is an opportunity to engage in various kinds of creativity. And in the evening, funny animators will work with your child. Children here really can play various games, take part in friendly competitions and even dance.

Additional services for hotel tenants

Naturally, Mirabell Hotel 4 (Turkey) offers its guests some other services that will help to solve a lot of domestic problems. For example, there will provide care for clothes - there is a laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing. For a small fee you can rent a safe from the receptionist, where your valuables will be safely stored.

On the territory of the hotel Club Hotel Mirabell 4 there is also a currency exchange office, which is very good, since you do not have to travel to the city. By the way, payment at the hotel is accepted and cards. Here, guests will also be able to find a small shop with essential goods, and a picturesque souvenir shop where you can always buy some trinkets for yourself or relatives.

Despite the relatively modest size of the hotel area, there is still a small parking lot, which the residents can use at any time. By the way, here, in the hotel, you can rent a car, a motorcycle or a scooter - with your own transport, moving around the neighborhood will be much easier, and the city can be reached in a few minutes.

Separately it is worth mentioning the solid business center, which the Mirabell Hotel 4 offers to its guests. The hotel has a large, fully decorated conference room for 100 people. There is also all necessary video and audio equipment for meetings. By the way, the hotel is really often used for corporate recreation or holding various meetings. The hotel staff will help with the organization of any event. By the way, in the business center you can use the access to the Internet. There is also a fax and telephone from which you can make international and long distance calls. By the way, the services of the business center are not included in the cost of living.

Mirabell Hotel 4: reviews of tourists

Every year Turkey is becoming more attractive for foreign travelers. After all, the tourist business and, accordingly, the services here are constantly developing and improving. And quite often the tour operators offer their clients a holiday in the Club Hotel Mirabell 4. I testify that this hotel can really provide good living conditions.

Of course, any hotel complex has both advantages and disadvantages. The same applies to the Mirabell Hotel 4 (Alanya, Turkey). To begin with it is worth noting that the rooms in the hotel are really kept clean. On the other hand, there are a lot of paid services, including the use of a safe and a fridge, which is not very convenient.

Food in the hotel, as tourists say, is quite good. Three times a day, guests can enjoy a wide range of dishes, including various types of meat, desserts and cold snacks. But some tourists complain about the lack of fresh fruit. Fortunately, not far from the residential building there are several grocery stores where you can buy everything you need.

Perhaps the only really significant disadvantage is the lack of discos and parties that young people like so much. But the daily show program at a good level, and a nightclub can be found in the city, where regular buses and taxis run.

Separately, it is worth mentioning about the workforce. The service in the hotel is really at the proper level. The staff are always polite and always ready to help. But you can face the problem of the language barrier, since not all hotel employees know the Russian language.

If to sum up, we can say that Mirabell Hotel 4 (Alanya) is designed primarily for a quiet beach holiday. Mostly families with children, elderly people come here, as well as those tourists who need the hotel only as an overnight stay. On the other hand, living in this hotel is not so expensive, which is an undoubted plus.

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