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"We're not going anywhere" - a restaurant with a secret

Do you want to relax in some interesting institution? Then "We are not going anywhere" - the restaurant is just for you. In the name lies its secret. In appearance, the inconspicuous tourist agency suddenly turns into a chic gastropub. Unusual, light menu, exquisite cocktails, each of which keeps a secret and zest, gay music - all this will make your holiday in this institution unforgettable. A special plus is the friendly staff, ready to meet the customer's needs to the maximum.

We'll drop in at the pub?

Not far from the White House in Moscow there is a door from which windows the mysterious blue color flows. The strange thing is that there is no sign here. Going there, you understand that you were at the office of a travel agency. It is small, from the staff only one employee, pleasant appearance. Racks with folders, tourist destinations. Confused by the fact that there is no working computer from which you could book a trip. The girl asks the question: "Where are we going?". And with the right answer you will have a pleasant surprise. The main thing is to say the password phrase: "We're not going anywhere!". In a magical way, the walls of the cupboard move away, and a passage to the gastropub appears.

When Alexander Kahn, famous for his unusual cocktails, and culinary restaurateur Dmitry Shurshakov for the first time voiced the idea of creating such an institution with a secret, many skeptics simply laughed in their faces. The opening of the pub was delayed for a long time, the terms were postponed from winter to summer. And in October 2014 I opened my doors "We are not going anywhere." The restaurant immediately deserved the love of visitors.

Contingent in the hall is different. Here you can meet couples with children, noisy companies of youth, elite businessmen. No face control and dress code. What is very pleasing. After all, in Moscow, the restaurant may not be allowed, even if the guard does not like the hair.

How to find "We are not going anywhere" (restaurant)? The address is simple: 15 Rochdelskaya Street.

We study the interior

The interior of the restaurant is quite simple. The first thing that catches your eye is the long bar counter with a huge amount of staff. This is where the young people prefer to rest. The first floor is a gastropap in its vivid manifestation. But there are no usual chalky boards, some special cutlery.

For those who are more accustomed to the atmosphere of the restaurant in the classical sense, the second floor is suitable. The furniture is mostly made of wood, but there are also leather sofas for large companies. Soft soffits add and create a special atmosphere. There are columns and arches with stucco molding, large mirrors that perfectly fit into the overall interior.

Have never been in the institution "We are not going anywhere?". The restaurant, photo of which is presented below, will kindly open its doors for you. Many small details that visitors like to look at make this place one of the most visited and loved capital.

New menu

"We're not going anywhere" - a restaurant with a fairly simple menu, but the dishes are amazing at the same time. The chef does not disdain to use such products as porridge (oatmeal, pearl barley, buckwheat), offal (liver, stomach, heart). At the same time, the dishes are delicious and with a certain zest. So, visitors recommend to try "Herring without a fur coat". Without extra ingredients, this dish has become even brighter and more intense. The cost of the menu is about 500 rubles.

Separately I would like to distinguish dishes from fish. Chef so skillfully worked with them that the structure and taste is almost not recognized. Eating salmon, it seems like eating pumpkin puree.

The chef is not afraid of experiments, so his dishes are a real masterpiece.

Cocktails - the strong point of the restaurant

In addition to traditional alcohol, bartenders offer cocktails with a twist. All of them are distributed according to certain vegetables: beets, carrots, cucumber, pepper. The gastronomic pub suggests that the drinks should also be edible. Alexander Kahn is a pioneer who created an unusual bar chart.

The average cost of a drink is about 500 rubles. In addition to unusual flavors and ingredients, it is worth noting jewelry. In their capacity are beach umbrellas in full size, unusual elements, details. Nobody expects to see LEDs in cocktails, and there they are.

Visitors celebrate rakiyu of quince, it would seem that it can be unusual? But the aftertaste of this drink will leave a long memory of yourself.

Than to surprise the girl?

"We are not going anywhere" - a restaurant that is in great demand among couples in love. That's why the barman Doronin has developed a mix cocktail that can unite two hearts. These drinks are highlighted in the menu. Agree, any girl will be pleased to receive a cocktail, decorated with fresh flowers. The basis of the drink is soft gin, as additives is raspberry puree, grape Kalpis, rose extract.

For men, the drink is more strict and strong. Gin added Campari and dandelion bitter, giving a special taste.

When ordering a pair of cocktails, the cost is 300 rubles apiece. Separately, drinks are sold for 400 rubles.

Reviews about the restaurant

"We are not going anywhere" - a restaurant, reviews about which are only positive. Visitors are completely satisfied with the presented menu, bar chart, price policy, as evidenced by laudatory odes on the forums. The only thing that annoys some customers is too loud music. But for noisy companies such an atmosphere is just right.

"We are not going anywhere" - a restaurant, the phone of which practically does not stop from the constant calls of grateful visitors. If you want to book a table, then it's better to do it in advance, because gastropub is in great demand. Acceptable prices, delicious dishes, unusual cocktails - and this is only part of the positive aspects of this institution.

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