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Marina's names in different countries

The name Marina originated many centuries ago. Today it is still used in many countries, such as Croatia, Spain, France and, of course, Russia. In Russia it still belongs to the twenty most popular names along with such as Elena, Olga, Maria, Evgenia, Natalia, Nina and others. In France, the most popular name was in the 90s, in the late 70's and early 80's. last century. One of the most famous French women who bear this name is Marina Vladi, a famous actress, a writer who also was Vladimir Vysotsky's wife.

Famous Marines

In Russia, one of the first mentions of this name in the chronicles is associated with Marina Mniszek, a representative of the Polish noble family, who for a short time became a Russian queen through her marriage to False Dmitry. The day of Marina's birthday in Catholic countries is celebrated on July 20. The holiday is celebrated in honor of Saint Marina of Antioch, according to legend, who lived at the end of the III - beginning of the IV century in Antioch. Expelled by the father from the house for belonging to Christianity (she was from a pagan family), the girl took up the end of the torment for her beliefs. After she did not respond to the feelings of a high-ranking Roman official, Marina was tortured and martyred. This is a popular saint in Greece, in honor of her, several churches have been erected in this country. It is interesting that both in the Orthodox and Catholic world the day of the angel of this saint is celebrated in one month (July 20 and 30), but in Catholic countries she is known as Margarita of Antioch, and in the Orthodox tradition she is revered as Marina of Antioch. Thus, the name day of Marina in the church calendar (Orthodox) coincide with the names of Margarita. Until 2000, the Orthodox saints lacked the name Margarita, so many girls were baptized with the name Marina, and in secular life they were called Margaritas. Marina's birthday is also celebrated on March 13 and November 11.

What day should I choose for the celebration?

Every person whose name appears on the church calendar several times, the question arises, when to celebrate the day of the name? For example, the name day of Marina (in the calendar we find 3 or even more dates). The general rule is that they choose the day of the Angel, which is closer to the date of birth. For example, you were born on June 15, and Marina's birthday is celebrated on March 13, July 30 or November 11. The date closest to your birthday is July 30, then you can celebrate the name day. In addition, the only birthday of Marina on the Catholic calendar is celebrated also in July, on the 20th. It is also worth noting that in some countries the day of Marina's name is celebrated once a year - on July 22nd. Most likely, this is due to Lutheran traditions.

Origin of the name and character

The very name Marina originated from the Latin word "marinus" (marine), that is, in translation it means "sea". Initially there were also male variants - Marinus and Marin - but these days they are used only in several countries (for example, in Bulgaria). Marina has a broad, like a sea, soul and strong character. Probably, it really can be compared with the sea: sometimes it is calm and majestic, and I want to admire them, and sometimes it's a storm and a storm.

The marines are good moms and spouses, but it's important for them to find their own path in life and never go off with it. One of the famous Russian Marinas is Marina Tsvetaeva, whose fate illustrates the uneasy influence of this name.

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