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Juices for weight loss: the whole truth

Mankind has already invented so many ways to get rid of excess kilograms, that, it would seem, nothing more can be invented. And yet we continue to find something new, hoping that this will help us to translate our dream of a beautiful figure into reality. Juices for weight loss - one of the most relevant topics. Someone says that they really can be healthy to lose weight, and someone, including many experts, insist that this is not the best way to bring your figure in order. Let's try together to figure out what is true and what is not.

What juices are best used

Let's immediately pay attention to the fact that as a panacea of extra pounds you can only consider natural, and most importantly, freshly prepared juices. What is sold in the store is not good. In addition, the purchased juice often contains sugar, and it does not have the best effect on the breakdown of fats. And even if the package does not contain sugar, it does not exclude the fact that it can still be added.

Freshly squeezed juice should be immediately used after its preparation. The fact is that in about twenty minutes he will lose most of his useful substances, but if several hours stand, it will be completely useless.

Juices for weight loss: the pros and cons

Juices for weight loss are not as effective as they say. Of course, no one argues with the fact that they are a valuable source of vitamins, micronutrients, fiber, pectin. Thanks to this rich composition, the juices contribute to the improvement of metabolism, have a positive effect on digestion, strengthen immunity. They even help to lose weight, but in themselves in the fight against extra pounds are powerless. It has already been proved that they do not suppress appetite, but, on the contrary, excite it.

Thus, the juice for weight loss on one side is effective, but on the other not. Nevertheless, in due time even the diet on juices which duration no more than five days has been invented. A few pounds to lose during this time, of course, will succeed, that's just a loss in this case will most likely not fat, but excess fluid, slag and toxins. That is, after sitting on a juice diet, you can clean your body, but do not lose weight.

Unloading days on juices

As you have already noticed, drinking juices in large quantities is not recommended. But if you once a week will spend on them a fasting day, you can somewhat accelerate your process of losing weight. What are the most effective juice for weight loss? Consider them.

  • Celery juice for weight loss. Perhaps the most suitable option. True, the most unpleasant. The fact is that celery juice has a very specific taste, so you need to have a greater desire to spend on it a fasting day.
  • Pomegranate juice. Promotes the splitting of fats, but you can only drink it in a diluted form. Actually, this rule applies to carrot and apple juices. Once you have prepared a fresh juice, it must be diluted at least a third with plain water.
  • Watermelon juice. It also helps to reduce fat mass, but also helps to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Apple juice. To cook it preferably from not very sweet fruits, but also very acidic ones do not suit.
  • Pineapple. Helps to cleanse the body of toxins, remove excess fluid. Promotes the breakdown of fats.

In folk medicine, a remedy like aloe juice for weight loss is mentioned. It is believed that the daily use of it in food in small quantities favors the disposal of excess kilograms. For this , aloe juice should be drunk 50 ml three times daily before meals. The course of treatment is long, implying small breaks. So, if you decide to resort to the help of aloe, then drink the juice of this plant for a month, and then for two weeks take a break.

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