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Joke "The Bear": a short summary. Chekhov's "Bear"

In this article we will talk about a small one-act play by Anton Chekhov entitled "The Bear". The author himself defined its genre as a joke. It was written in 1988 and is dedicated to the actor NN. Solovtsov. The play to this day can be seen in theaters throughout the country.

AP Chekhov, "The Bear": a summary

The action takes place in the living room of the estate of Elena Ivanovna Popova, a landowner, "a widow with dimples on her cheeks." She sits dressed in deep mourning and does not take her eyes off the photos. Luke, the faithful servant of the landowner, persuades his mistress to stop grieving for the death of her husband, who left this world seven months ago.

Describes the grief of the inconsolable widow. Chekhov's "Bear", however, is a humorous play, and it becomes clear why. So, Elena Ivanovna decided firmly that now she would never leave the house and would not even communicate with her neighbors. Immediately follows the author's irony over the excessive and ostentatious grief of the widow. Elena Ivanovna looks at her husband's photograph and wipes her tears with a handkerchief.

Luke on her suffering notices that with grief will pass and youth, and when she comes to her senses, it will be too late. And beauty and youth will be able to deliver to the lady many more joys.


We continue to present a short summary (Chekhov's The Bear). Suddenly, a loud bell rings and Luke goes to open it. Left alone, Popova talks to her husband's photo, promises to keep him faithful forever and pleads for his treason.

Luke returns and says that they came to the lady and insist on meeting. Popova reluctantly accepts the guest. A man enters, who is represented by the landowner and artillery lieutenant Grigory Stepanovich Smirnov. He appeared for the money borrowed from him by his late husband Popova. Today, Smirnov needs to return this amount to the bank, and without money he will not go anywhere. Elena Ivanovna is ready to pay, but only when the clerk returns - this will be the day after tomorrow, and now she does not have that amount. Smirnov begins to get angry and arranges a squabble. He says that he traveled all the debtors and no one had money, so Popov is his last chance, and so simply he will not leave her estate.

And the fact that today exactly 7 months since the death of her husband, Smirnov does not care, he needs to pay interest to the bank. He was already too soft, and now he suffers because of his kindness.

Smirnov is located in Popova's house. He instructed the coachman to unharness the horse and give that oat, and then first orders water or kvass to itself, and then orders to carry vodka.

About female essence

Excellent reveals the nature of Smirnov's summary. Chekhov's "Bear" is primarily an accusatory work whose purpose is to expose human vices.

Smirnov settled in the living room and on Luka's remarks that one could behave more modestly, began to shout at the servant. Elena Ivanovna came to the noise. Scandal erupts. The widow asks the guest to behave decently, because he is not in the stable. At this remark, Smirnov brings down upon her a long tirade about how false and hypocritical women are. The former military officer saw them more than Popov's sparrows in his lifetime - 12 women were abandoned, 9 he threw. In those days he was a fool, he suffered, loved, supported emancipation. But there have passed those times when he trusted women, now Smirnov does not hold. All the representatives of the weaker sex "crooks, crochets, gossips, liars to the core, hateful, vain, ruthless, petty."

Popova is outraged by such accusations, because she sincerely mourns for her husband and has always been devoted to him. Widows trying to drive Smyrniy out of his house, offends him, but nothing comes out.


Our summary is coming to an end. "Bear" Chekhov in the end its comes to an absurd scene - furious insult, Smirnov requires Popova duel. If women so want emancipation, then let them now be responsible for their words according to male laws. Elena Ivanovna immediately agrees to shoot. However, there is a hitch - the widow does not know how to shoot. Smirnov undertakes to educate her. But in the process the former soldier realizes that he fell in love. He recognizes Popova in her feelings. The woman answers him in return. Lovers kiss, Luke enters and exclaims "Fathers!". A curtain.

Chekhov, "The Bear": a brief summary for the readers' diary

The play can be stated even more briefly, then the paraphrase will sound as follows.

To grieving widow Elena Ivanovna Popova comes Smirnov Grigory Stepanovich, neighbor landowner. He very much needs money and demands to return to him what the late husband Popova borrowed. The widow asks to wait a couple of days - because of the departure of the clerk she has no money. The landlord refuses to leave the estate of Popova, until she receives the money. Having been refused, he starts a quarrel with a woman and causes her to duel. Elena Ivanovna brings pistols and asks the guest to teach how to shoot them. Smirnov is fascinated by the actions of the widow and falls in love with her. He confesses to her. Popova reciprocated.

So you can outline the work that Chekhov wrote ("The Bear"). Very short content is suitable for writing, as usually in such a work it is necessary to give a retelling of the analyzed text.

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