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Fat soup is an excellent alternative to the most severe diets

Excess weight is an urgent problem for the fourth part of the world's humanity. Completeness significantly affects the quality of life, not for the better ... In addition to purely aesthetic unattractiveness, excessive weight entails a number of diseases: hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many others that can be prevented by adhering to a healthy lifestyle and nutrition .

Desperate, obese people, tired of constant restrictions in these or those temptations, begin to rush from extreme to extreme. First, they stick to the strictest diet or even completely starve, and then break down and in a short period more than compensate with such unthinkable work dropped weight. To avoid such differences in diet and, accordingly, in the mood, you need to find a gentle method for losing weight. Especially since it is already found, many people use it - it's a truly magical means - fatty soup, or the so-called soup diet, which has practically no contraindications. Moreover, it is practiced by the doctors of the Mayo Clinic of Minnesota, before the operation, patients with extra pounds they recommend to adhere to this diet. This system of nutrition is magnificent and harmless, with its help, except for losing weight, the well-being improves, the organism is cleared, there is lightness.

A wonderful soup for fat people


  • A large onion - 6 pieces;
  • Celery - one bundle;
  • Cabbage (medium size) - 1 head;
  • Green pepper - 1-2 pcs .;
  • Tomatoes (fresh or canned) - a few pieces (to taste);
  • Broth cube (beef or onion) - 1 pc. (optional).

Soup for fat people. Preparation

  1. Vegetables shred at their own discretion on small (or larger) pieces, put in a pan with a bouillon cube and poured with water so that the mixture was completely covered with it.
  2. Boil on high heat for ten minutes, after which the fire is reduced and cooked until the vegetables are soft.
  3. It is not forbidden to add any spices (including hot sauce), you can season with pepper, salt, add garlic, curry, etc.
  4. Many people who use soup for fat people are advised to add a piece of celery root, it is digested longer, therefore, there is no pronounced feeling of hunger.

Seven-day diet based on fat-burning soup helps to say goodbye, depending on zeal, with 4-8 kg. And, paradoxically, you can eat soup without restrictions, moreover, the more you eat, the more you lose weight. However, it is necessary to adhere scrupulously to the program, designed for a week.

Diet program

First day:

At least three times a day you should eat soup that burns fat. You can often, with a feeling of hunger. According to some recommendations, soup should be eaten in the morning and in the evening, and in the daytime eat any fruits, except bananas. In addition, strictly comply with the drinking regime, consuming in sufficient quantities water, fruit juice, coffee and tea without sugar.

Second day:

Soup twice, thrice or more a day and various vegetables (boiled, steamed, raw), cooked exclusively on broth from soup, but without butter and fat. On this day, it is allowed to eat baked potatoes at lunch, if desired, with the addition of a small amount of olive oil. Fruits are not allowed. The drinking regime is the same.

The third day:

Soup + vegetables + fruits (except bananas). Nothing but this (potatoes, too) on this day is not allowed. The drinking regime follows the same pattern as in the previous days.

Fourth day:

If dietary nutrition is not violated, weight loss for this day should be from two to three kilograms. You are allowed to eat soup, as well as three bananas and two glasses of milk (fat-free). Such high-calorie foods like bananas and milk will saturate the body with calcium, proteins and carbohydrates, which will help to cope with the desire to eat something sweet and get off the diet. You have to drink plenty of water. This day is characterized by mood swings that go through the day.

Fifth day:

You can eat meat (280 grams - chicken, beef), which can be replaced by fish, vegetarians eat soy. Tomatoes can be eaten 4 or 5 pieces (a can of canned natural tomatoes). At least once a day you need to eat soup for fat people. It is desirable to drink more to remove acid from the body.

Sixth day:

And again the meat is chicken, beef. You can replace fish with vegetables in any quantity. Potatoes can not be consumed! Soup at least once a day.

Seventh day:

On the final day of the diet, only brown rice with vegetables is eaten. And you have to eat a lot of vegetables. Soup - at least once a day. Drink only water and fruit juice (unsweetened)


  • It is mandatory for the period of the diet to exclude the use of alcoholic beverages.
  • Prohibited: bread and baking, fried food.
  • In days when it is supposed to eat vegetables, it is necessary to avoid the use of root crops, except for beets and carrots.
  • In the event that a power failure occurs, start again from the first day. Diet can be followed with a break or immediately repeated until normal weight is achieved.

The results obtained after the diet in combination with physical exercises are truly impressive. The world opens in its many colors, it becomes possible what was previously unavailable, complexes leave. A full life without limits begins. You will love your updated beautiful body, which is so nice to look in the mirror.

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