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Alexander Blok, "On valor, on exploits, on glory." History and analysis of the poem

The poet wrote his poem in 1908, the day before the next, new year. Blok wrote, "About valor, about deeds, about glory" at the moment when his beloved wife went to his friend, Andrei Bely, also a poet. The poem is autobiographical. It entered the cycle "Retribution".

Brief analysis of the poem

Alexander Alexandrovich slipped and deceived the reader's expectations by writing the first line. After all, Blok does not write about his exploits in this poem at all. It's about love affairs, and not about civil duty. It is the love letter that is the genre of the poem. In it, the lyrical hero speaks with his lover, who left him for another man. He hopes to be heard. The hero in despair, he even throws out the "treasured ring" - a symbol of fidelity. The symbol of the unknown is the night. The block "About valor, about deeds, about glory" was dedicated for the first time in five years to his wife. Having finished the six-year cycle of love lyrics "Poems about the Beautiful Lady," he stopped making her initiations. Then Lyubov Dmitrievna became his wife. However, as soon as she left, her dedication resumed. Epithets the poet described the loss of the meaning of life: "spinning the damned swarm," and "on the wet night you left the house." And the words about how the hero called the lyrical heroine "as his youth", of course, say that the departed lover for him meant so much. The spiritual life ended with the departure of the beloved, now he lives with wine and passion, which torment him. And his Beautiful Lady turned into a destroyer. Nesprosta appears in the poem a blue color - he in the Middle Ages denoted treason.

The block "About valor, about deeds, about glory" was enclosed in a ring composition, wrote with a five-foot iambic and used a cross rhyme. At the end of the work, the hero nevertheless made the decision, removing the portrait from the table.

Block: poems about love

The poet wrote a lot about love, with particular sadness. This is an important theme of his work, one of the main. "Poems about the Beautiful Lady" Alexander Alexandrovich wrote under the impression of falling in love with Mendeleev - his future wife. The earthly creature he endowed with unearthly qualities, seeing in it that feminine ideal, which he himself thought up.

Lubov Dmitrievna was dedicated to 687 poems. After their wedding, the poet switches to other topics - civil. It was the cycles of "Yamba" and "Scary World", as well as "Retribution", which again broke through love lyrics. The block "About valor, about deeds, about glory" was included in this cycle. Alexander always believed in the bright power of love and gave herself completely to her. However, his love was not only romantic. He also loved Russia and his homeland with all his heart.

Homeland in the Poetry of the Poet

Alexander Alexandrovich began to study Russia from legends, conspiracies, folklore and scientific articles. Poems about Russia Blok begins to write in 1906. The first of them was written on September 24. It was called "Rus." And it feels like the poet was inspired by legends. The block repeats the motifs of Gogol and Pushkin, Lermontov and Nekrasov. But for the time being this is not the Russia in which the poet lives. This is Russia, which he loves.

Then follows his cycle "Motherland". Blok does not separate himself from Russia, he experiences everything with her. He loves her anyway. Poems about Russia Blok writes with no less love than poems about his Beautiful Lady, and maybe even more.

On the history of his country, Blok wrote a series of "On the Kulikovo Field." The poet yearns for the revival of the country and this is said in his works.

In Blok, the homeland is not the mother's face, as was customary, but the wife. This was a new trend of the Symbolists, adopted from Vladimir Solovyov, which meant a lot to Alexander and was his inspiration at the beginning of his creative career.

Creative way

The poet from childhood was influenced by literature. His aunts and mother, as well as grandmother were translators and writers. And enrolling in 1898 at the Faculty of Law, he did not finish his studies and was transferred after three years of study to the philological. The literature has taken its toll. From the age of five, Alexander composed poems, but seriously began to write only at eighteen. In 1906, Blok already received recognition as a poet.

Alexander Alexandrovich always bowed before Pushkin and considered him to be the greatest talent. His first university poems were written under the impression of Alexander Sergeevich. And shortly before his death, in the winter of 1921, Blok read a speech dedicated to Pushkin "On the appointment of a poet." This was his last public appearance. On August 7 of the same year, Alexander Blok passed away.

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