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Is it worth worrying if the child sweats in a dream?

Young mothers are very worried about the question: "Why does the child sweat in a dream?" Could this be a manifestation of some deviation in the development of the baby or a sign of the disease? Today we will discuss this problem.

What is sweating?

From the course of biology, we know that sweating is a way of regulating body temperature. When the body needs to give off excess heat, it forms an additional amount of moisture to be separated, which, evaporating, helps it in the heat transfer process.

Hence, if a child sweats heavily in a dream or at a time of wakefulness, he has excessive heat formation or a disturbance in his recoil.

What does sweating depend on?

The degree of sweating is an individual characteristic of each organism. After all, even under the same conditions, someone immediately becomes wet, and someone does not show any signs of overheating. So one of the reasons for your child's excessive sweating may be a hereditary predisposition to it.

But the most frequent reason is the non-observance of the temperature conditions in the room where the baby sleeps. In a cool clean room with a temperature of no more than 22 ° and a humidity of at least 50% your healthy baby will not sweat!

Check the bedroom crumbs: maybe there are air drying heaters? Or maybe your child sweats in a dream because you are too much for him, worrying that he does not catch a cold? But believe me, despite the imperfection of thermoregulation in children, they do not need warm pajamas and thick blankets if the temperature of the air in the room is above 18 ° C! Overheating for a small child is no less dangerous than hypothermia.

The child sweats in a dream : we search for the reason

Excessive generation of heat at the time of sleep under normal conditions is unlikely: this can happen only after a very satisfying supper, which requires additional energy for digestion. So, if you do not overfeed your baby at night, he should not sweat.

An important cause of this phenomenon are also the features of the nervous system of the baby: if your child is easily excited, then he sweats heavily, and his sleep is usually restless. Such babies need special preparation for night rest: evening baths with the addition of sea salt or calming herbs, quiet games before bed, the muffled sound of the TV and quiet conversation will help the crumb to relax and get to sleep soundly.

But if all the conditions are met, and the child sweats heavily in the dream, then most likely, he starts a viral or catarrhal disease. However, in such cases, sweating is associated with cough, fever, and a runny nose.

Sweating is also one of the signs of rickets (though far from being the main one), thyroid dysfunction or even heart failure. But, as you know, these serious diseases manifest themselves not only with the indicated symptom. So do not try to put terrible diagnoses yourself. If you notice that the child sweats in a dream (under normal temperature conditions in the room and there are no severe symptoms of any diseases), and it does not take a couple of months, you need to consult a doctor and undergo a test to reveal hidden pathologies.

Be healthy!

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