How to grow apricot from a bone? Advices for gardeners

Apricot is known in a huge number of countries. This juicy and delicious fruit of orange color is rightfully considered one of the best desserts, capable not only of giving pleasure, but also satisfying hunger and thirst. In addition, this tree blossoms very beautifully and can become a worthy ornament of any garden.

Many are wondering how to grow apricot from a bone. This is a rather complex process that requires compliance with certain conditions. First of all, you need to choose fruits that meet all the requirements for taste and other qualities. Having used them for food, bones can be used for planting.

Cultivation of apricot from the bone requires careful selection of a place in the garden, which will be ideal for the development of the plant. You should know that the seeds of this tree are suitable for planting only in the first year. Plant them in the early fall to a depth of 6 centimeters.

When planting wild varieties, remember that such a tree grows very quickly and develops. In the first year it will stretch for one or two meters in height and begin to form the crown. Bearing fruits such apricot will begin already in the fourth year, and if the seedling is left alone and does not undergo transplants, then before. In general, it is extremely undesirable to produce such a process with apricots, especially when the plant is less than two years old.

How to plant an apricot bone?

With this method of planting a tree, the most important point is the place. First of all, you need to make sure that it is not in the lowland. Trees of this species simply do not survive in low light conditions. Soil composition does not play a special role. Apricot successfully develops and grows on both stony and dry soil. The tree has a powerful root system, deeply penetrating into the soil. Thus, it can easily obtain all the minerals necessary for growth, but any gardener will recommend planting a number of trees next to improve pollination.

Everyone who asks himself how to grow apricot from a bone, you should take care of obtaining information on the care of a young tree. It is very important to remember that it requires regular loosening of the soil and irrigation. In addition, it must be treated with chemicals and poisons from pests and diseases. If proper processing is not performed, then the apricot bark begins to pound, and the fungus easily gets on it, which leads to decay and death of the whole tree.

Those who are looking for instructions on how to grow apricot from a bone, it is necessary to remember that the plant is very sensitive to temperature changes. If during frosts the temperature sharply jumps up, then the tree can easily die. This happens because at the onset of a thaw the apricot immediately starts to dissolve its kidneys. If at this moment it becomes cold again, then all the flowers will fall and at best there will be no harvest, and at worst the tree will die. To avoid this, it is necessary to impose a tree trunk with lapnik, straw or sawdust.

Those who will follow these advice and closely follow the tree will no longer wonder how to grow apricot from a bone, and will enjoy delicious and incredibly useful fruits every year.

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