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Billy Bob: movies, biography, personal life

In the modern world, the actor 's profession is one of the most popular, but not all representatives of this field of activity have real talent, they can perform roles in various cinematographic works. Today we will discuss in detail one outstanding person who was born in the United States of America and for her rather long career could fulfill a huge number of roles and become a really great person.

Billy Bob is an outstanding American actor, director, screenwriter and singer, who was born on August 4, 1955 in Arkansas. In this short article we will discuss this person in detail, learn his filmography, talk a bit about his personal life and touch on other useful information. Let's start!


Earlier the date of birth of this outstanding actor was already mentioned. It is also worth noting that Billy Bob's father was an ordinary history teacher at the university, and also worked as a basketball coach. The mother of this outstanding actor was clairvoyant. In addition, the family had three children: Jimmy Don, John David and Jim Bean.

As a child, Billy Bob very much loved his grandfather, who worked as an ordinary builder in the forest, and also lived in a small house in the middle of the forest. In school days, the actor discussed today dreamed of becoming a great musician, playing drums in a band called Stone Cold Fever. After a while, the hero nevertheless began his career in the chosen field of activity, becoming a soloist in the collective Tres Hombres.

The world learned about the existence of Billy Bob only in 1996, when the screen came out the cinematographic work "Perfect Blade", in which the actor played one of the main roles, was the director of production, as well as the author of the script. In addition, for this film, he received an "Oscar".

Here we briefly and discussed such an outstanding actor as Billy Bob, films with the participation of which will be presented a little later in this material.

Personal life

Everyone has the right to a personal life ... If we manage to hide from our friends and other people any of our secrets and relations, then the stars do it much more difficult. To date, Billy Bob Thornton has several phobias, among which there is definitely a panic fear of flying, as well as the fear of antique furniture.

In addition, a man has at least 6 tattoos, most of which are located on his hands. It is also worth noting that in the veins of the actor Irish blood flows, transmitted by the father's ancestors, as well as the blood of Italian and Indian ancestors, represented by the mother.

It is impossible not to mention such a well-known personality as Angelina Jolie. Billy Bob was recently married to her, but for some reason in 2003 they decided to part ways, having lived in marriage for more than 3 years. By the way, Bob had five wives. At the moment, the man is officially single, but it is possible that he still has a lady's heart. By the way, it should be noted that Angelina and Billy Bob, according to many, were the ideal pair, but somehow broke up, but there is no information about it.


Earlier it was noted that Billy Bob Thornton took part in a huge number of cinematographic works. At the beginning of 2017, he took part in 185 films.

Of the latest cinematographic works by Billy Bob, it's definitely worth mentioning the following films: "London Fields" in 2016, "Bad Santa 2" and "Reporter's" of the same year, "Judge" (2014), "On the Edge" (2014), " Grizzly "(2013)," Parkland "(2013)," The Machine of Jane Mansfield "(2012)," Faster than the Bullets "(2010)," The Cat in Boots "(2011)," Informants "(2008)," The Smell of Success " (2009), "On the hook" (2008), "Mr. Simpletons" (2007), "School of Scoundrels" (2006), "Ice Harvest" (2005), "Incomparable Bears" (2005) and a huge number of others.

The London Fields (2016)

This film takes us to 1999 and introduces an American writer living in the city of London. Over the past 20 years, the main character of the film has not been able to write anything, because he had all this time a creative crisis. It should be noted that, in addition to all this, a man is mortally ill, so he does not have to live long.

The heroine of this film is a very beautiful lady named Nicola, who gets acquainted with two men who in the future became her potential killers. One of the heroes is a small rascal, and the other is a weak-willed aristocrat. But the whole point of this film is that the writer, who is already desperate in his abilities, is watching what is happening. Interestingly, a man will save the life of a girl or still be able to write a novel, but it will have an indirect relationship to everything that happened?


Comments of spectators about the game of Billy Bob are extremely positive. People like the professionalism of this actor, as well as his skill, so it's really interesting to observe the events happening in films with his participation.

Billy Bob Thornton, whose photo is presented in this article, is doing everything possible to present to the audience around the world really interesting cinematographic works. Choose any film from the above and have a great time. Pleasant viewing and good mood!

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