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How to enable the screen demonstration in Skype without any problems?

One of the popular questions of users is how to enable the screen demonstration in Skype. A similar function of the program is admirable. It is always much easier to show something clearly than to explain and tell a hundred times. Back in 2005, I had to explain the instructions with the help of long strings of text and voice communication, since there was no possibility to make video calls and display the screen. Finally, such functions appeared. Now the user in response to the interlocutor can even demonstrate his screen to show what he is doing wrong. And then it becomes clear which actions should be followed further.

Preparing for image transmission

To begin, open the program by clicking on the icon (shortcut) of the application on the desktop. You can use the second method and click on the "start" button. Then open the directory "applications" and "Skype" in sequence. Next, you need to sign in to your account. To do this, enter the login and password in the program window. Then you need to click on the "enter" button. For users who do not remember passwords, there is a link under the field for filling in the data. With it, you can restore the ciphers. After you log in to the account in the left pane of the program window, you can see a list of previously added contacts. You must select one of them by clicking on the name. Then click on the "bell" button. A window of conversation will appear in the right part of the program interface. Curious users will quickly guess how to turn on the screen demonstration in Skype. A kind of hint is the round white icons that appeared in the conversation window.

Demonstration of the screen via Skype

The user can show the interlocutor an image on the monitor only during a conversation. In order to check whether the function is enabled, you should select in sequence the items in the top menu "calls", "screen demonstration". If the option is displayed with gray color, it is inactive. How to enable the screen demonstration in Skype in earlier versions? In previous builds of the program, this function was called differently. Even then it was called "show screen" and was organized not very convenient for the user. Therefore, to activate the function, you should update the application as soon as you receive a message about a different version. Otherwise, you can skip something really worthwhile.

How do I enable the screen demonstration in Skype?

You can enable this option in several ways. The user opens in sequence the top menu items "calls", "screen demonstration". Only this time the function will be indicated in black, which indicates its activity. In the second case, in the conversation window, click on the bottom of the black field. Next, place the cursor on the white cross in the middle of the screen. He immediately turns blue. A pop-up window will appear with the menu. After that you can see the familiar "screen demonstration" option in "Skype".

Additional functions

There are two icons next to the specified option. With the first you can open a list of contacts. If during the conversation someone else sends a message, the user can see it at the yellow dot above the contacts icon. In order to read the text received and send an answer, you do not need to interrupt the conversation with the other person. Thanks to the second icon, you can open instant messages, send the necessary link and instructions that can not be displayed on the screen. Like the cross, the icon turns blue when activated. These useful virtual buttons allow you to more effectively use in Windows 8 "Skype". Demonstration of the screen in combination with similar possibilities becomes a convenient tool for visual explanation of the material.

The process of displaying the required objects

In order to show the image on the monitor to the interlocutor, it is necessary to choose the item "screen demonstration". A small black screen will appear , symbolizing the start of the process. Then click on the "start" button. In the program window, the interlocutor will have a spinning wheel, after which he will see everything that happens on the user's screen. Even cursor movements are displayed. Therefore, you should be careful when entering bank details and payment details. Stop the process in a small black window with a photo of the user that appeared after the option was turned on. There are times when it is required that the interlocutor, who can not use the function, share the image of his monitor. Then you should show the sequence of actions to enable the option on the screen of the user.

Problems with enabling options

Some users are faced with the fact that when they use Skype, the screen demonstration does not work. If you try to turn on the option, you receive a message with a proposal to purchase or run a trial Premium version, which is valid for 7 days. Fearing that the possibility of demonstrating the screen will be blocked, if you do not subsequently buy it, users will not activate the premium feature. In fact, the trial Premium version is designed to allow people to share the image of monitors in conferences that include at least two people. After the expiration of 7 days, the option remains active. However, it can be used only in a conversation with one person, for a conference function will be unavailable.

Helpful Tips

The option "screen demonstration" in "Skype" is available only if there is a high-speed Internet. Otherwise, the user will not even be able to make video calls. In addition, if you select a specific screen demonstration area, the interlocutor will only observe the actions at the location specified by the user and indicated by a frame.

On a note

After enabling the option, the interlocutor can only see the user's screen, but not his own. At low speed of Internet connection, the transmitted image often hangs. Do not forget that you can choose a place to display, hiding areas that should not be seen by anyone.

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