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How to cook trout properly: fried in a frying pan fish with mushroom sauce

Not all the landladies know how to cook such fish, like trout. Fried in a frying pan, it turns out to be too greasy. But if you use a small amount of olive oil and a fragrant sauce, this dish can serve as an ideal dinner.

Tasty and juicy grilled trout: a recipe with a photo

Necessary ingredients:

  • Champignons fresh or frozen - 250 g;
  • Medium-sized rainbow trout - 4 pcs;
  • Olive oil - 65 ml;
  • Butter - 65 g;
  • Cream low-fat 10% (can be regular milk) - 310 ml;
  • Lemon ripe - ½ fruit;
  • Parsley and dill - along the beam;
  • Salt iodized - 1,5 dessert spoon;
  • Wheat flour - 3-4 large spoons;
  • Pepper fragrant red - if desired.

Process of fish processing

Before you start cooking, you should buy fresh or frozen trout. Fried in a frying pan it turns out more juicy and tasty if it is pre-cut into small steaks. However, before this fish needs to be washed, get rid of the insides, head, fins and tail. Next, the chopped product should be coated on all sides with iodized salt and red pepper, and then left aside for a couple of hours.

Processing of mushrooms

To rainbow rainbow (fried in a frying pan) was more nourishing, it is recommended to add a special sauce to it. To do this, you need to buy 250 g of champignons, it's good to wash them, clean them of wormholes and chop them into thin plates.

Process of preparation of sauce

To create a dressing, you need to take a saucepan, put the butter there, melt it, and then pour in all the chopped mushrooms. Fry them about 7 minutes. After that, freshly squeezed lemon juice, iodized salt, wheat flour (1 large spoonful), pepper and low-fat cream are needed to add to the champignons. Mixing the ingredients together, they must be brought to a boil, and then immediately removed from the plate.

Thermal processing of fish

To get a delicious dish, it is very important to properly prepare trout. Fried in a frying pan it will be more juicy and fragrant, rather than processed by steaming or by extinguishing. Thus, salted and peppered pieces of fish should be rolled in wheat flour, and then put on a hot frying pan with a small amount of olive oil. After the bottom of the product has browned (8-10 minutes), it must immediately be turned with a spatula to the other side. Readiness of fish can be determined from the section: if its cross section is homogeneous of light pink color, then it can be safely laid out on the plates.

How to serve to the table correctly

Before you give such a dinner to family members, you should lightly heat the mushroom sauce, and then pour it on the previously cooked trout. Fried in a frying pan, fish with gravy should be served with a full garnish. Ideal for this product is suitable crushed potatoes, buckwheat porridge, pasta or boiled rice. Also do not forget about the wheat bread and fresh greens, which you need to sprinkle the whole dish.

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