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How to boil a jelly at home. The recipe for jelly

Aromatic acid drinks are especially popular with children. Most often they are prepared on the basis of fruit juices or compotes, especially in summer. Consider how to boil a jelly at home at any time of the year, using various products for this.

The main "flavor" of the drink. Secrets of cooking

What kind of kissel is different, for example, from compote or broth? The main feature is a viscous consistency. At the same time, its degree can fluctuate from an easy thickening to a fairly dense mass, similar to jelly. Many young housewives ask themselves the question: " How to boil the jelly at home, to get a different taste and appearance of the dish?" To do this, you will need to stock up first of all the most important component - starch. The future consistency of the drink depends on its quantity. Consider how to boil a jelly house from fresh fruit, from a dry semi-finished product or from jam, give a series of tips and recommendations. This article also presents options for making dairy and chocolate sweet desserts.

How to boil a kissel home from berries: a few tips

Using fresh fruits, it is necessary to consider the following:

- lay berries in boiling sweetened water;

- the amount of sugar should be proportional to the taste of fresh ingredients (that is, the more acidic the berries, the more sugar is required);

- for refreshing the taste, it is possible to use a small amount of citric acid;

- to make the drink clear, strain the fruit broth before introducing the starch mixture into it.

So, after boiling water, sprinkle sugar first (about 1 glass for 2.5-3 liters), and then berries (300-400 g). After a few minutes of languor over medium heat, you can gradually, in a thin trickle, pour the starch solution into the pan, stirring continuously. After the first bubbles appear on the surface of the liquid (signs of boiling), turn off the fire and let the drink infuse. At the same time, there are no special secrets about how to boil a jelly at home from frozen berries or from fresh berries . Adhere to the general, described above recommendations.

Basic rules for the use of starch

The density of the drink depends directly on the proportional ratio of this ingredient to the volume of the liquid. As a result, jelly can turn out either slightly viscous, or contented dense, similar to jelly. The table below shows the indicators for preparing various variations of the dish. The volume of the liquid is 1 liter.

Degree of density

Weight of starch (g)

Volume of starch (bp)










The required dry raw material is pre-mixed until completely dissolved in cold boiled water (1-1.5 cups). The volume of liquid used for this is taken from the general proportions. If you use a store semifinished product, the work is much simpler. Before you weld a house jelly out of a pack, study the instructions that came with it. As a recipe information on the required volume of liquid for one briquette will be provided. Dry mix simply place in hot water and bring to a boil. When preparing a jam from a semi-finished product, it is allowed to add the usual components (sugar, berries, citric acid, etc.) to taste. And if you want to make the dish more saturated and thick, just reduce the amount of water.

How to boil a jelly from a jam home: a simple way

But let's say that the fruit and berry season has ended long ago, but there is no ready-made semi-finished product at hand, but so you want to eat something delicious and summer. Then you can use any jam as a basis for cooking a dish. Prepare the drink as follows:

  1. Fruit or berry mass will partially replace the sugar in the drink, so it will take quite a bit.
  2. Put the boiling mass in boiling water and let it simmer until completely dissolved. It is desirable to filter the broth before adding starch. After all, jam, unlike fresh berries, does not always consist of whole pieces. It is this property that can make jellyfish cloudy and unattractive in appearance.
  3. The principle of adding starch remains the same. Enter the solution in a thin trickle and stir until it boils.
  4. If desired, a thick jelly can be poured over serving capacity and cooled.

Preparation of milk drink

When cooking fruit and berry desserts, as a rule, potato starch is used. When you replace fresh ingredients with a dairy base, the taste characteristics become completely different. To preserve the special flavor and richness of the dish, it is better to use cornstarch when cooking. So, how to boil a jelly at home from milk? Follow the instructions.

  1. 0.5 liters of raw milk put on fire for boiling. In a hot pot ½ faceted glass of sugar and a bag of vanillin.
  2. In cold water (1 incomplete glass) stir 1.5-2 tbsp. L. Cornstarch. The resulting mixture with a thin trickle begins to pour into boiled milk and stir.
  3. At the first signs of seething, set the pan off the plate.
  4. Pour the jelly over the keram. To prevent the formation of foam on the surface of each portion, sprinkle lightly sugar on top.

The recipe for chocolate jelly

Based on the above described milk dish, you can prepare a variety of options for treats. One of the most popular desserts is chocolate jelly. It can also be welded in different ways. The cooking process depends on whether you are using ready-made chocolate or powdered cocoa powder. In the first case, the tile is melted, placing in hot milk after its boiling. Dry cocoa component is introduced into the dish by mixing with starch, and only then they (diluted with water) are poured into hot sweet milk. Very interesting is the dish, if it is made multilayered, like jelly. To do this, prepare, for example, thick milk and chocolate kissels. After their complete cooling spend laying out in transparent glasses, alternating layers. Children like this delicacy very much! Fantasize and invent new dishes! Bon Appetit!

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