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Chicken cream soup. Chicken cream soup with cream or potatoes

We have somehow historically developed that soups are prepared on a transparent broth. It is clear that the "filling" in them can be very different, but the basis is always liquid and translucent. Meanwhile, almost all the cuisines in which there is the notion of "first dishes" are actively using a variety of soups, purees: they are nourishing, dense and will please us with a new non-standard taste.

Interestingly, in such a puree you can and do not introduce additional fillers like macaroni, cereals and vegetables. And you can enrich your menu with something original, which is usually not included in the soup.

Potato Recipe

As a basis for the broth you can take any meat. However, most culinary experts recommend chicken soup puree. Parts of the bird for him fit any, you can and from the whole chicken cook. The meat will need 800 grams, 5-6 potatoes, one carrot and one onion, a slice of butter, half a liter of milk, a spoonful of flour, favorite seasonings (not to overdo it!) And greens. If you decide to make a soup-puree from a chicken breast, it will be more dietary, if from the legs or shin - more saturated.

Chicken poured cold water, podsalivaetsya and boiled for about forty minutes. In a separate bowl, vegetables are boiled with the addition of laurel and peppercorns - until softening. Then the leaves and peppercorns are removed, the broth merges, and the vegetables mash in puree. If there is a blender, you can use it, no - in the old-fashioned, tolstushkoy.

Chicken broth is expressed in a separate container, and the bird is crushed. You can again blender. Or with a knife, but as small as possible.

Flour is to be roasted in oil, the heated milk is added, mixed - and into vegetables. To them meat is added, and again everything mixes up. If your chicken soup with potatoes turned out to be dense, you can dilute it with broth. The result is put on the fire, keeps on it until it boils and pours on the plates, which will only add the chopped green.

Pleasant additions

Honestly, chicken soup-puree - a dish quite independent. However, any first dishes are usually eaten with bread, but for this purpose, either suhariki, or croutons, or patties are more suitable. In our opinion, from this list the most delicious are just crackers. Only by no means purchased and necessarily out of white bread.

Take a loaf, cut into tidy cubes, which are placed in the oven (200 degrees). If desired, bread before baking can be salted. Sometimes biscuit is best turned over. When they turn rosy, they pour into the bowl and are served on the table. You can eat a snack, you can pour directly into chicken soup.

Vegetable fantasies

If you like the first with vegetables, you can vary the dish described. The most delicious and tender it turns out with broccoli and cauliflower, but the green beans, lentils, and peas fit perfectly into chicken soup. The recipe differs from the first in that onions and carrots must first be added to butter, and for the broth it is better to use the shins or thighs.

The potatoes are boiled right in the broth. Selected vegetables can be taken and frozen, only before cooking they must thaw. They are laid out in the soup, when the potatoes boil, after which you need to cook for another 15 minutes.

Then all components mnut in mashed potatoes (blender is more convenient, but without it you can cope). In addition, this soup-chicken soup - with cream, and not milk: they are poured into already almost ready dish, which then languishes on the stove for 5 more minutes. Further traditionally: on plates, greens - and on the table.

Soup almost without anything

And this recipe is interesting because it practically lacks vegetables. You can say that such a chicken soup puree consists only of the chicken itself. And for him it is better to take a whole carcass, so that in the dish there were different kinds of meat, and the broth was very saturated (almost like a cold).

In addition to birds, one carrot and onion will be needed, 200-250 ml of milk and a couple of spoons of butter and flour.

When broth is brewed, vegetables are put in water, and entirely: they should only add flavor to it. When the base is ready, both onions and carrots are thrown away. With the chicken carefully peel all the fibers of meat and flourish in a meat grinder. Half a glass of broth, milk is added to the minced meat, butter and flour are added to the blender. Get a nice mashed potatoes. It should be poured into the remainder of the chicken cook and boil for five minutes. Greens and sour cream - as usual.

The Turks also love this dish

The inhabitants of this country are famous lovers of good food. Turkish chicken soup-puree will please their like-minded people. The composition does not include most European ingredients, but there are tomatoes (about half a kilogram), a large chive of garlic, a glass of tomato juice (not from the package, of course), 4 tablespoons of olive oil, basil and grams of one hundred hard cheese.

Broth is cooked as usual, but the chicken in the soup is not put. Onions with garlic are fried, and at first garlic and only then - onion. Add basil, peeled and cut into small cubes of tomatoes - and all this is fried for 5 more minutes with continuous stirring.

Broth is mixed with tomato juice, the contents of the frying pan are added and languished in a closed saucepan for 20 minutes. Then everything is thoroughly beaten up, if it's too thin - a couple of spoons of flour is added (it's best to dilute it first in a glass of soup so that there are no clots), and everything is cooked for a few more minutes.

When a dish is spilled on plates, grated cheese is added in it - it quickly melts and combines with soup. Do not put cheese into a pot! When the soup has cooled, the cheese will settle on the bottom with a pancake.

For mushroom lovers

As already mentioned, chicken soup can be enriched with almost any vegetables. As it turned out, and mushrooms, too. However, in this case, it is better not to take carrots, but add the stalk of celery. And plus cheese, only not hard, but fused (200 g).

The preparatory stage is standard; Parallel to the pan, the water is evaporated from the mushrooms, then a couple of spoons of lean oil is poured in and onion and celery are added. How to fry - pour a couple of glasses of broth, put the potatoes and stew until cooked.

Cheese in a bowl with some broth put in a microwave for melting. Stewed vegetables should be turned into mashed potatoes, add the liquid cheese and finely chopped chicken meat, all put together in one container and let boil. It turns out a very delicate, we can say, magnificent dish.

Try one of these recipes - and you will become a fan of soups-mashed potatoes!

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