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How to add to friends in DotA? And what will it give?

Most often gamers play "Dot" through "Steam", as it is very convenient and reliable. The fact is that both the game itself and the gaming platform were developed by the same company, so it is logical that their compatibility will be maximum. However, it should be noted that the function of friends in the game is still available, although in "Steam" you can navigate among your friends. The fact is that friends in DotA are a little more convenient mechanism, and most importantly, there are small bonuses that will please absolutely everyone. Accordingly, you should learn how to add to friends in DotA, because this knowledge can be very useful.

How do I add friends?

If you want to learn how to add to friends in DotA, then you will have to sort out the functionality a little, since it is quite extensive here. Specifically, all functions will be discussed a little later - now it is worth focusing on the most basic process. So, if you see a person in the game or in the list that you would like to add to friends, then you need to click on it with the mouse. There will also be a button that allows you to send this person an invitation to friends, which he will have to confirm, so do not hurry and wait for a response from him: he may not even want to contact you. But this does not change anything: now you know how to add to friends in DotA. Now it is necessary to go deeper into the functionality of this section.

Friendly Functionality

Do not think that you will learn enough about how to add friends to DotA, as this is just the tip of the iceberg. All the fun is deeper. To track what is associated with your friends and invitations, you must go to your profile, and there already go to the Friends Invitation tab. In the window that opens, you can see a list of your friends, as well as a list of invitations that you sent, but have not received an answer so far. Moreover, here you can accept or reject the invitations yourself, and, of course, consider the rejected proposals, as well as the reasons for the refusal. All this allows you to quite clearly and subtly control the list of friends in the game, which may differ from that available in "Steam".

Now you know all the details about how to add a friend. DotA-2 is thus a game that encourages such activity, so it's worth paying attention to what attractive bonuses the developers have prepared for you.

Bonuses for beginners

If you are just starting your journey into this exciting world, then knowing how to invite a friend to DotA will be very useful. After receiving the invitation and accepting it, you get a small bonus, which speeds up the pumping at low levels until the tenth. This will be very useful for beginners, but experienced players rise to the tenth left and already very quickly, so that this bonus does not bring any special pleasure. Then what is this functional can entice professionals?

A thing for an invitation

Much more interesting is another bonus, which works absolutely for everyone. If you send a request for friendship and approve it, then you get a random item, which you can then use in the game or sell. Moreover, each level that an invited friend receives gives you another item, so with this function you can earn a real fortune.

And hurry to invite your friends, as they can outrun you, and then your levels will bring things to them, and not vice versa, as you would like. In any case, friends in "DotA" - this is a very useful innovation, which is already quite widely used by gamers. Good luck in the game!

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