How to Replace a Hard Drive in a Laptop

Many laptop owners believe that they will never have to repair a laptop hard drive. In this case, such confidence is not unfounded. Any laptop is initially developed taking into account work in conditions of high vibration, shaking, temperature influence. The components used and the design itself are designed for similar operation, because it is expected from a laptop computer that it will be able to work normally, for example, while driving by car on a dirt road.

Unfortunately, despite this, sometimes Replacement of the hard disk in the laptop is required. Unsuccessfully parked heads, magnetic cover defect, malfunction of electronic circuits - the reasons for the malfunction may be very different. Well, if the warranty period has not expired at this point, but what if it is over? There are two solutions: the replacement of the hard drive in the laptop can be performed independently, or for a fee this work will be done at the service center. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this operation, and with due accuracy it can be produced even by a schoolboy.

Let's remember how the hard disk (hard drive) is replaced in the "big brother" of the laptop - a personal computer:

- the interface of the hard drive and motherboard used is determined;

- a decision is made about the necessary amount of disk space;

- from the assortment offered by the market the desired firm-manufacturer is selected. It takes into account the performance, noise level, availability of additional functions.

It's that simple. Replacing the hard drive in the laptop involves following the same items with some additions.

Currently, there are two types of interface - parallel (PATA, IDE) and Serial (Serial, SATA). In modern computer models, the first is no longer used. You can define it in two ways:

1. Remove the hard drive and inspect the connector of the cable. Narrow - it's SATA, and wide - IDE;

2. Using diagnostic programs (AIDA64, Sandra) to determine the alphanumeric designation of the hard drive and through the network to find out the complete data about it.

Replacing the hard drive in the laptop involves an important point - the selection of the device in size and shape. There are dimensions of 2.5 and 1.8 inches, you need to buy the same as the old one. The higher the spindle rotation speed, the more productive the model.

Turn off the power, remove the battery. On the underside of the laptop you can see a separate cover marked with a cylinder icon. We unscrew the holding screws, lift the lid and remove it. The hard disk is placed on a special platform-sled. If they are screwed, then we also twist the screws. Now it's enough to pull the hard drive in the opposite direction from the connector. It should not be done with anything - a special plastic "tongue" is provided on the slide for the extension of the device. It remains to disconnect the device from the platform and in the reverse order to install a replacement.

After that, in rare cases, you may need to re-flash the system BIOS to a newer version.

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