How to enable WiFi on Asus laptop. Does not work WiFi on Asus laptop

This article describes step by step how to enable WiFi on the ASUS laptop to a novice user. Experience shows that this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is enough only to carefully follow the instructions given within the framework of this material - and you should definitely get it. The order of connection is as follows:

  • Configuring the router.
  • Installation of hardware switches.
  • Parameterization of "BIOS".
  • Checking the drivers.
  • Connect to a wireless access point.
  • Network testing.

It is in this order and the material will be built to simplify the setting.

General information

So, how to enable WiFi on the ASUS laptop of any model? First we will understand what it is and why it is needed. To date, data transmission can be done in two ways: with twisted pair and without wires. The standard that interests us applies to the latter. Now such adapter is equipped with the majority of electronic devices. Not only laptops and netbooks, but smartphones, phones and tablets. This list can be continued indefinitely. Such a computer network is implemented as follows. The connecting link is the router, to which the incoming wire from the provider is connected. It has an adapter - a source that allows other devices, including a laptop, to connect to a wireless network. In turn, the mobile PC has a network card that receives data from the router. This statement is valid until the network address is obtained. As soon as it is received, the information is transmitted in two directions at once.

Configuring the Router

If you do not know how to enable WiFi on your ASUS laptop, you need to understand the router setup rules . If you have parameterized and the network router is already running, you can skip this section. So, first you need to connect the router. To do this, it is installed near the laptop. Another important condition is the availability of a free outlet for the organization of its food. Immediately connect the twisted pair, going with it in the kit, to the laptop. The power supply is installed in the socket, and its wire with the pin - in the router. We turn on the laptop and the router. After the mobile PC has finished loading any browser and enter "192.168.x.1" in its address bar. Instead of "x" on some models, you need to enter "1", and on others - "0". We carefully look at the documentation and find the information we need. Then press Enter. In response to this action, you will be prompted to enter your login and password. They also need to be found in the documentation for the router. Next, set the parameters of the "incoming" connection. This information is in the contract, which is concluded with the provider, and the place for their input is found in the operating manual for the router. Also, using it, we find the items devoted to the name of the network, the password and the encryption method. The first two of them are at your discretion, but the latter must be installed in WPA2 (provides the greatest degree of protection). Then everything turns off, the circuit is disassembled. The router is installed in the place of its permanent dislocation. It connects the input wire from the provider and the power supply. At the next stage it turns on.

Hardware Switches

Now let's look at how to turn on the WiFi adapter hardware. Some models of the company "ASUS" equipped with a special switch, which allows you to completely turn off this adapter. The location of its location on the case of the laptop may be different, so you need to look at the documentation for it. This toggle switch must be set to On. The second important thing is the key combination that allows you to turn it off. It consists of the keyboard layout switch Fn and one of the function keys (it shows the Wi-Fi logo). By simultaneously pressing them, you can turn off or turn on the wireless network card. The status indicator of this device is the corresponding LED. If it is on or blinking, the adapter is active. Otherwise, to activate it, you must press the key combination again. Another important nuance that must be taken into account is the availability of drivers. This will be described later in the framework of this article.


In some cases, you need to enable WiFi on your ASUS laptop using BIOS. Since this option may be in completely different sections of the menu, it is simply indispensable without a manual. In it we find this point. Then, when loading or rebooting the laptop, go to the basic settings. Next we find the point of interest. It must necessarily be set to Enabled. If it does not, then change it with the appropriate keys.


Turning on WiFi on the ASUS laptop requires drivers to manage this adapter. To do this, go to the "Start" menu, then "Control Panel". In it we find the "Device Manager". In it, we check the presence of an exclamation or question mark next to its name. If they are not, then everything is fine, therefore this stage can be skipped. Otherwise, you need to download the driver from the official website of the manufacturer and install them so that all these icons disappeared. In some cases, you may need to reboot your PC. Do not forget about it, we do it without fail.


The next step is to configure WiFi on the ASUS laptop properly. To do this, click on the network connection logo in the task bar in the lower right corner (most often a monitor with a red screen). A list of available wireless connections opens. In the upper right corner of this screen there is a button "Refresh" (it shows 2 arrows of blue color). It is on it and you need to make a click with the right mouse button. After this, the available wireless networks are scanned. At the end of this operation, the list must be updated. It appeared our network, the name of which was set earlier in the configuration stage of the router. We click on it. In response, a window should appear in which we enter the password. Then we wait for the network address. This will be talked about changing the icon of wireless networks. At once it will look like a brown and transparent staircase, and then it will turn white and opaque. Then you can proceed to the next stage.

Functional Testing

After the manipulations you need to make sure that everything is done correctly, and the connection to the Internet is working. To do this, run any of the browsers installed on the PC. In its address bar, enter and press Enter. After that, the Internet page should start loading. If this does not happen and WiFi does not work on the ASUS laptop, then we check the account balance. In most cases, in the absence of funds, providers block access to the global web. If the problem is not this, then we check the settings made at each stage, and only then contact the operator and consult with him about the reasons for possible malfunctions.


Within the framework of this article, it has been described how to enable WiFi on the ASUS laptop of different models to a novice user. If you follow the previously stated instructions, then you can easily and simply solve the problem. There is nothing complicated in this, everyone can handle this task, regardless of the level of their preparation.

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