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Registration of a newborn child at the place of residence

Along with the joy of the birth of a new little member of the family, his parents often face many problems associated with the registration of the documents of the baby. One of them is the registration of a newborn at his place of residence. This necessary, but unpleasant procedure sometimes requires considerable time and nerves. Depending on the region, its order may vary slightly, but mainly in the Russian Federation, the requirements for parents who decide to register a child are almost the same everywhere.

So, a newborn can be registered only where one of the parents permanently resides. This is indicated by Article 20 of the Civil Code, according to which the place of residence of minors is the place of residence of his legal representatives, ie guardians or parents. The consent of other family members to this action is not required, so the registration of the newborn can be carried out by his mother or father to his apartment, even in cases when one of the relatives is against it.

Documents for the registration of the child must be provided by his parents personally to the passport office, which refers to the district where the child is scheduled to register. Here is an indicative list of those papers that usually require citizens:

  1. Statement (written) of one of the parents, which sets out the request to register a newborn (a sample application is usually available at the foster passport desk).
  2. Written consent to this action of the second parent, also written on the form provided in the passport office.

  3. Original and mandatory photocopy of the birth certificate of the newborn baby.

  4. Passports of mother and father, in which registration of citizens is registered.

  5. If the second parent is actually registered at a different address, then it is necessary to submit a certificate of registration confirming this.

Further, the registration of the newborn should be confirmed by the head of the registration authority, who will review and assure all the above documents, and also for a few days will take away the passports of the parents. On the appointed day one of the representatives of the child must appear at the passport desk for obtaining passports and registration certificate, in which the newborn will already be inscribed. This certificate is necessary for further processing of the child's documents, such as allowance, insurance policy, maternity capital and others.

Terms of registration of the baby are not established by law, but you should not delay it, as long as the child does not have a permanent residence permit documented, many additional documents to his parents will simply not be possible. In addition, Art. 19.15 of the Code on Administrative Violations provides a fairly large fine for those who live without registration. If desired, the meaning of what is written in the law can be easily applied even in the situation with an unregistered newborn child.

Registration of a newborn is completely free, so you do not have to pay any fees in the bank. It may be necessary to stand in lines, as passport desks are famous for short-time receptions and a large number of people wishing to get there. Nevertheless, the procedure will not distract parents for a long time from communicating with the child, who will become after her a citizen registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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