Generator VAZ 2112: characteristics, repair and replacement

The device of any car provides for the presence of a generator - it is necessary to generate electrical energy by converting the mechanical operation of the engine into electricity. Thanks to this device, all appliances that need electricity are functioning in the machine. How is the VAZ-2112 generator arranged? Today we learn its technical characteristics, as well as how to service it and repair it with our own hands.

Generator set device

Generator VAZ-2112 consists of covers - front and rear. They are made of aluminum alloy and have special seats where bearings are installed. On the case of the back cover there is a terminal, which serves to connect the battery. Also, it has a connector. Through it, the voltage is applied to the excitation winding. On the back cover there is a capacitor - it serves to suppress electromagnetic interference. There are places on the device for installing and securing the brushes.

The core cylinder in this generator is made of transformer iron. Inside it there are special grooves, in which the winding is neatly packed. Also on the cylinder are conclusions for connection to the rectifier block. Screws are screwed to the stator with bolts. On the shaft, which performs the functions of the rotor, there is an excitation winding. It is connected to copper rings. At the front end of the shaft is a special groove, which serves to install the drive pulley. The brushes are made by an integral knot that is combined with the generator relay. It is housed in a sturdy metal casing and securely attached to the brush holder. The back cover inside holds the diode block - it contains 6 basic elements and three additional ones. They are fixed on aluminum semicircular plates, due to which the diodes are more efficiently cooled. In the manual for the car, there is a diagram that you can use to understand how the VAZ-2112 generator works.

It is also used in repair work.

Principle of operation

The rotor, whose main task is to create a magnetic field, is a shaft on which the excitation winding is located. Each half of it is placed in special pole pieces. The contact rings supply current to the winding. Rotor rotates due to belt drive from the drive. The stator is a core and a winding. Here, an alternating current is produced, which is sent through the rings further through the electrical network. However, in the beginning it must be removed from the frame. In order to apply current to the rings, a brush assembly is used. Then comes the rectifier block, which converts the alternating sinusoidal voltage generated by the generator. In different cases, different schemes for connecting the field windings are used. For example, another single pair is used. The current simply can not flow through the battery in the event that the engine is not wound. When winding is connected according to the "star" scheme, it is possible to increase the generator power by 15%. The generator relay is engaged in maintaining the device voltage within the limits specified by the characteristics. It changes the frequency and duration of pulses of electric current. The relay is a set of several sensors and actuators. Their task is to determine how long the excitation winding should be on the network. If the relay is faulty, then the battery will be supplied with a non-stabilized voltage.


The VAZ-2112 generator is characterized by the following technical parameters. So, the voltage that is formed on the excitation winding can differ in the range of 13.2 V to 14.7 V. The generator itself is able to generate a current of up to 80 A. The tension of the drive belt is such that at a pressure of 10 kg The deflection will not be less than 8 mm.

Service of the generator on the car VAZ-2112

It is important to maintain this element in time - it has a large margin of reliability, but sometimes with an untimely service it is necessary to repair the generator of the car. First, it is important to clean the outside of the device. In addition, when service measures are checked, the generator is securely attached. The voltage regulator also needs to be checked. Specialists recommend checking the drive belt. If it is loose, the system will not be able to function correctly. Check the generator belt VAZ-2112 is recommended every 10 thousand kilometers of the car - on the surface of it there should be no defects. Then check the condition of the bearings. During this operation, it is necessary to remove the belt and rotate the rotor of the device by hand. If during the rotation feels loose or jammed while driving, extraneous noise or any other sounds - the bearings are out of order and need to be replaced. On the VAZ-2112 generator, whose price is about 4 thousand rubles, such details can be found in any store or on the market.

Possible malfunctions

Like all other systems in the car, the generator can also fail. Sometimes you can repair and the device will work again. But with some faults only the replacement of the VAZ-2112 generator will help. Diagnosis of this node is performed when there is increased noise during operation. Often, noise is caused by heavy wear of the bearings. But often only the bearing that is in the front cover goes out of action. He is exposed to increased radial loads, so he serves relatively short. If the drive belt is too tight, this also affects the wear rate of the bearing.

Electrical faults: diagnostic methods

There are several factors that can be used to identify electrical problems in the generator. So, among the popular symptoms - lack of charging, low charging voltage, or vice versa - increased. Without a multimeter, these faults are determined by the main characteristics. So, on the instrument panel the battery charge lamp will light up or blink. Also, when the engine is turned on, the lights are very dim, the windshield wipers operate at a slow speed. An increased voltage will be reported by the boiling electrolyte in the battery pack and a very bright headlight. Surface diagnostics can be performed without dismantling. For testing, you need a multimeter. It is necessary to measure the voltage at the battery terminals when the engine is running. If the instrument shows 12 V, the generator does not charge the battery. If, with all the electrical equipment turned off, the meter gives out below 14 V, then the charge level is insufficient. Experts do not recommend testing the generator with removing the positive battery contact. This can damage the relay.

How to remove the generator on VAZ-2112

For a more serious test, the device needs to be removed. The generator is held on the bracket on the engine block. To dismantle the installation, you need keys 10 and 13, a car key for 17, and a mount and a head for 15. First of all, remove the terminals from the battery. Then loosen and remove the belt, and then dismantle the belt tensioner mechanism. Next - the wires are disconnected and the connectors are disconnected. The device is held on a long bolt and nut. It is not so easy to remove it. Therefore, first unscrew the head brackets on the motor block. They are on the back of the unit. Then unfold the generator, which will help unscrew the fastening of the axis. It is pulled out with the bushing, and then the axle is knocked out of the bracket.

Brush Assembly Malfunctions

To check the brush assembly, you need a power source, as well as any 12 V lamp. The power source is connected to the voltage regulator, the lamp is connected to the brush - it should be on. When the input voltage rises to 15 volts, the light goes out. If the lamp burns and at a higher voltage, then it is necessary to repair the generator of the car VAZ-2112. Replacement is required. As for the brushes themselves, their malfunctions are indicated by the lack of battery charge, too low voltage in the car's network, unstable charge voltage. The length of the brush should be more than 5 mm. If it is smaller, it is necessary to replace them. Also, to check the brushes, you can move them slightly in grooves. Serviceable brushes move freely. If they hang, it is recommended to lubricate them. Also it is necessary to be convinced of serviceability of contact rings - on them manufacture is looked. If there are any traces, the rings are ground with fine sandpaper. After replacing the brushes, the generator will immediately start working normally. It is important to monitor how the device works and regularly service the VAZ-2112 generator - the price of the node is small, but with a quality service it will only be necessary to change the brushes.

Diode bridge

Also sometimes there are various problems with the diode bridge. Power diodes fail and can be replaced if desired. The fact that the bridge has failed is reported by the missing charge and high voltage, which generates the VAZ-2112 generator. Repair in this case - replacement of the pierced diode.

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