General thermometry - algorithm of actions

Now there are so many different diseases, and in many cases the body reacts with an increase in body temperature. This is an important indicator, but in order to objectively evaluate it, it is necessary to understand how thermometry should be carried out. The algorithm of this procedure is desirable to know not only medical workers. In this article we will consider all the nuances of temperature measurement.

How to measure the temperature

To carry out such a procedure there is a special device - thermometers. It can be of several types:

  • Mercury.
  • Digital.
  • Instant.

Until recently, a mercury thermometer was used to measure temperature, but now it is increasingly possible to see digital thermometers. They are safer, since they do not contain mercury inside, they do not contain glass. Instant thermometers are simply irreplaceable if you want to quickly measure body temperature, for example, a sleeping child or an overly excited patient.

The process of measuring body temperature was called thermometry, the algorithm of implementation will be considered below.

Places where you can measure the temperature

Depending on the situation and the patient's condition, the temperature can be measured in different places:

  • Most often it is an axilla.
  • Oral cavity, usually under the tongue.
  • Children can be measured in the inguinal fold.
  • The rectum, but it must be taken into account that there the indices will be 0.5-1 degree higher.

If thermometry is required, the algorithm must be followed to ensure that the indicators are as accurate as possible.

Preparation for thermometry

Before a nurse in a medical institution begins to measure temperature, she must do the following:

  1. Prepare medical gloves.
  2. Get out the thermometer.
  3. Prepare a container with a solution for disinfection of thermometers after measurement.
  4. To get temperature sheets, they can be general and individual.

Only after everything is ready for measurement, you can go to the patients' ward.

Preparation of patients for temperature measurement

Many believe that measuring body temperature is very simple and does not require special training. But in order to obtain accurate results, when the thermometry is common, the algorithm is important, as well as patient preparation, which includes:

  • Explanation of the temperature measurement rules for the patient.
  • Giving the patient a comfortable position.
  • It is necessary to process the temperature measuring point.
  • Warn the patient that before the measurement procedure did not commit active movements.

Sometimes, even an error of a fraction of degrees can play a role, so it's important to get an accurate result.

Algorithm of thermometry in the armpit

The temperature of the body in the armpit is measured most often, but not everyone knows the correct algorithm for performing this procedure. It includes the following procedure:

  1. Inspect the cavity for injuries and damage, wipe with a napkin so that the skin is dry.
  2. Remove the thermometer from the disinfecting solution, rinse under running water and wipe dry.
  3. Shake the thermometer so that the mercury drops to a mark of 35 degrees.
  4. Place the thermometer in the armpit, so that it comes in contact with the skin from all sides, after which the patient should press his hand tightly against the chest. If the patient is not able to do it himself, then he needs help.
  5. Take out the thermometer in only 10 minutes.
  6. View the readings and record them in the temperature sheet.
  7. Shake the thermometer to a mark of 35 degrees and lower it into a disinfectant solution.

How to measure the temperature in the rectum

Sometimes the process of measuring body temperature in the armpit is not recommended, usually the cause may be:

  • General hypothermia of the body.
  • Inflammatory processes in the armpit.
  • The need to determine ovulation in women.

In such cases, a thermometry measurement can be performed in the rectum, the algorithm will be as follows:

  1. The patient should lie on his side and his legs are pressed against the stomach.
  2. A nurse puts on gloves.
  3. Get the thermometer out of the disinfectant solution.
  4. Shake to 35 degrees.
  5. Tip the tip of the thermometer with petroleum jelly.
  6. Enter into the rectum by 2-4 centimeters and ask the patient to squeeze the buttocks.
  7. The measurement is carried out for 5 minutes.
  8. Take out the thermometer and look at the indication.
  9. Wash the thermometer with warm water and place in a container with disinfectant solution.
  10. Remove gloves and wash hands.
  11. Record the readings in the patient's log or card, there must be a note of the place of measurement.

The more accurately all the recommendations for measuring are observed, the more correct the result will be. But it must be borne in mind that in some states, measurement of temperature in the rectum is not allowed:

  • Diarrhea.
  • Stool retention.
  • Pathologies of the rectum.

Measurement of temperature in the inguinal fold

When the child is too small, quite often the technique of carrying out thermometry, an algorithm is also available, implies measurement in the inguinal fold. The order of the procedure should be as follows:

  1. Given the delicate skin of the baby, after the disinfectant solution, the thermometer must be rinsed under running water.
  2. Wipe it dry and shake to a mark of 35 degrees.
  3. The child's leg should be bent in the hip joint and knee so that a fold is formed, and place a thermometer in it.
  4. Measure for 5 minutes.
  5. Take the thermometer and see the testimony.
  6. Shake the thermometer and place in a disinfectant solution.
  7. Record the readings in the log or temperature sheet.

Knowing how such thermometry is carried out, the algorithm of action, parents at home can always measure the temperature of their small crumbs, if necessary.

Rules for measuring temperature in children

Children differ from adults by their restlessness even during illness, so it is sometimes difficult for them to explain why they need to sit still for 10 minutes. But during infectious and inflammatory diseases it is important that the thermometry is carried out, the algorithm must be performed. Here are some rules for measuring temperature in children:

  1. It is advisable for babies to measure the temperature in the presence of a nurse.
  2. Pre-thermometer should be heated to room temperature.
  3. During the measurement it is necessary to speak tenderly to the baby, and older children can be carried away with a story of an interesting story.
  4. It is important that when the thermometry is carried out, the algorithm implies this, the child was in the right position to make the indicators accurate.
  5. Pre-school kids can not measure the temperature in the oral cavity with a glass thermometer.

Correct implementation of all recommendations for measuring body temperature will help to get more accurate indications, which will help the doctor choose the tactics of treatment.

How to use an electronic thermometer

Electronic devices show the same exact figures as their mercury counterparts. Even a relief for measurement is provided, when the indicators stop rising rapidly, the thermometer will emit a beep.

It is also necessary to observe certain rules for measuring temperature with the help of such a device:

  1. Install the thermometer so that the sensor contacts the body as much as possible. It is advisable to do measurements in the oral cavity or rectum.
  2. When measuring in the armpit, the thermometer is installed vertically.
  3. To obtain more accurate readings, it is necessary to hold the thermometer longer than the time indicated in the instruction.
  4. If the sound signal appeared too early, then this may indicate the wrong installation of the thermometer.

Before using this device, it is necessary to carefully study the enclosed instructions.

Under what conditions can the readings not be accurate

If in the process, when the thermometry is carried out, the algorithm is violated, that is, the risk of receiving incorrect readings. Here are some situations that can lead to measurement errors:

  • A medical professional or mom forgot to shake the thermometer before measuring.
  • If the patient is warmed by a heating pad just on the side where the temperature is supposed to be measured.
  • The thermometer is incorrectly located in the armpit, there is no close contact with the body.
  • When a patient purposely feigns a fever.

If the measurement algorithm is strictly observed, then, as a rule, there can be no error, of course, if the thermometer is working properly.

How to store thermometers correctly

In order for the thermometer to last as long as possible, it must not only be properly used, but also stored. In a medical institution after measuring the temperature it is necessary:

  1. Wash the thermometer under running water.
  2. In the container on the bottom, put the cotton wool to prevent the thermometer from breaking against the glass, pour the disinfectant solution (0.1% "Chlormix" or 0.1% "Chlorocide").
  3. Place the thermometers in the solution for an hour.
  4. Then get it, rinse it under running water and wipe it dry.
  5. Put the thermometers in another container with a disinfectant solution and mark that they are clean thermometers.

If we talk about electronic medical thermometers, then after using them it is enough to wipe with one of the disinfecting solutions. When choosing such a composition, it is important to consider the material of the thermometer body from which it was made. Most often it is made of plastic, and the tip is made of metal, in which the thermoelement is located.

Thermometer at home, as a rule, is not placed in disinfectant solutions, but after use it is necessary to rinse with water, wipe dry and store in a special case to avoid breaking.

Council. Do not wash the mercury thermometer under a stream of hot or warm water, this can cause it to break.

To disinfect the thermometer at home, it is sufficient to use an antiseptic solution that can be purchased at a pharmacy.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the device, its correct operation still depends on the algorithm of use. Any deviation from the storage and measurement rules can lead to inaccurate results.

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