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"Fortuna 4 * Costa Brava" - the best option for recreation

To choose a place for future rest sometimes turns out to be quite difficult. The situation is much more complicated, if there is no specifics: the name of the hotel or its location. For example, I want to visit Spain and visit the famous Costa Brava resort. But how to decide where to stop? In this case, one tip is to use the option "Fortuna 4 * Costa Brava".

Special offer

On the eve of vacation, people usually go to travel agencies. There they hope to find the right option with the help of experienced specialists. The question is solved more quickly if the visitor has a specific goal. For example, he is clearly convinced that he wants to spend his vacation in the resort town of Costa Brava on the Mediterranean coast in the near future. And he asks for the most advantageous offer for him. How to be? In this case, a representative of the agency can offer him rest on the "Fortuna 4 * Costa Brava" system.

What is it and what is the essence of such a proposal? This should be understood in detail. First of all, it should be noted that "Fortuna 4 * Costa Brava" is not a hotel or a hotel. Such a combination of words contains three different information:

1) Fortuna - system of non-standard reservation.

2) 4 * - the category of hotels.

3) Costa Brava - a recreation area, located on the Mediterranean coast in the north-eastern part of the famous Catalonia.

Together, these concepts are such a way of booking, when the client is guaranteed a vacation in a fourth star hotel located in the Costa Brava area, whose name will be known only a couple of days before the flight.

Essential Details

Some might think that "Fortuna 4 * Costa Brava" is a cat in a poke. To some extent, that's the way it is. But in such a system there are advantages. To see them, we need to understand what it is built on. Here everything is simple. At most hotels at some point in the presence of unoccupied places. Tours on them are sold at discounted prices. This is done in order to ensure as much as possible the fullness of the hotel and not allow its management to incur losses. This means that the tourist in any case will pay for a ticket below its nominal price. True, a particular place will be chosen by chance. Here as in the lottery: someone will get a place a little cheaper, and someone will rest in a chic establishment. In either case, both will be the winners. Only one more and one less. In addition, each will be guaranteed a cozy standard room. A friendly staff will ensure a decent level of recreation and a pleasant pastime.

Opinions of tourists

Already many tourists took advantage of the unusual way "Fortuna 4 * Costa Brava". The feedback of the lucky ones is usually positive. Most of them liked that at the time of booking it was only necessary to choose:

  • Star hotel,
  • The most convenient type of food,
  • Date of departure,
  • Duration of the selected tour.

After this, it remains only to wait for the trip itself and collect things. But the surprise is that, in practice, the customer receives everything that he has chosen, but he will pay 15% less for that than the actual price of the tour. Such a proposal can really be called beneficial. And the name of the hotel is, in fact, not so important.

The level and living conditions in any of them will correspond to the chosen indicators. It's even good. After all, with the usual reservation sometimes you have to face the situation when in the right place there are no vacant rooms, and the management suggests a rest in another hotel. Then there comes a moment of resentment and disappointment. With "Fortune" this does not happen, because the guarantee is given by the largest tour operators.

Possible options

Those who decided to use the "Fortuna Costa Brava Hotels 4 *" system can be sure that their wishes will be fully taken into account when booking. The hotel can be located in any corner of the Costa Brava: Tossa de Mar, Blanes, Lloret de Mar, Malgrat de Mar, Pineda de Mar or Santa Susana, Calella. Each of them is a unique place, located far from the city noise and everyday bustle.

In these small resort towns you can enjoy the atmosphere of a carefree holiday and have a great time on the chic beaches under the hot Catalan sun. The cost of the reservation usually includes:

  • Payment of flight and accommodation at the hotel,
  • Meals of the selected category (half board, board or "all inclusive"),
  • Medical insurance for the entire tour period,
  • Transfer for the delivery of tourists from the airport to the place of rest and back.

In addition, the hotel provides a full range of customer services. Travel agencies always have a list of similar establishments that provide services of this kind.

A good choice

Many agencies offer a great option for recreation - the tour "Fortuna 4 * Costa Brava Maresme". It provides a holiday in one of the most beautiful places in Spain - the Costa del Maresme, located near Barcelona.

This is the zone of such famous resorts as Sant Pol de Mar, Malgrat de Mar, Santa Susanna, Kallela and Pineda de Mar. This place is famous for its historical buildings, sandy beaches and numerous clinics. Small picturesque towns with developed infrastructure are suitable for tourists of different social classes and ages. Lovers of antiquity can visit the palace of Kan-Khalpi, the tower of Torre-d-Riera or the church of Sant Nicolau de Bari, built in the 16th century. And for the rest, the popular Aquapark "Marineland" will open its doors, where children and adults will happily have fun. Accommodation in local hotels is very inexpensive, so almost everyone can.

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