Consequences of eyelash extension. How to restore eyelashes after building?

To drive mad men and cause delight in women is capable of a piercing and fascinating look. It is not without reason that they say that the soul is reflected in the eyes. I want her to have a worthy frame from the endless and thick eyelashes.

Someone will use mascara and eyeliner to make their eyes expressive, and someone more to liking overhead cilia. The second method allows you to decorate your eyes for a longer period. But the effects of eyelash extension are more serious than the moderate use of cosmetics.

Avoid the negative impact of this procedure if you follow several rules. A few minutes in the evenings - and the cilia quickly return their former beauty.

The reasons that lead a woman to the beauty salon

The life time of one cilium is about 5 months. At the end of this period, it falls out, and on the vacated place immediately begins the process of growth of a new one. Most often this process is invisible both for the woman herself and for others. But sometimes there are situations when it starts to accelerate and eyelashes become much thinner. The reason for this phenomenon can be any of the factors listed below.

  1. Allergy. It can appear on a decorative or caring agent for the eyes. In addition, cases of an allergic reaction to a remedy with the help of which false eyelashes are fixed are not uncommon. That is why it is important that the entire procedure is performed by a qualified eyelash extension specialist who will use materials of excellent quality.
  2. Defective food. It leads to the fact that in the body of women do not act in the right amount of vitamins with trace elements. All tissues suffer from this, and eyelashes are no exception.
  3. Non-compliance with hygiene. Make up every evening. Otherwise, if you do not do it regularly, the eyelashes will suffer and respond with a dropout.
  4. Violations in the body systems responsible for metabolic processes, for example, in the endocrine. This also includes the use of drugs that can affect the condition of hair and eyelashes. Eye infections are also important.

A little from the history of false eyelashes

At first false eyelashes were made from a string with a fringe. This design had to be glued to the upper eyelid. Such a technique did not give a lasting effect, because the fringe quickly peeled off. In addition, the eyelashes did not give a natural look. The price of the question also did not make this procedure very popular.

The next step was the building up of natural eyelashes. They were collected from donors and stuck in bundles to those places of the century, where it was necessary. The effect of this procedure was impressive. But there were very few specialists who could carry out these manipulations.

Modern technologies make it possible to use as a donor material villi, which are made of natural materials. Such artificial cilia are made of silk or animal fur, for example, sable or mink. They do not cause allergic reactions and can be glued in close proximity to the one that already exists on the century. This is a crescent lash extension.

Procedure for purchasing additional eyelashes

  • Select the type and color of the adhesive. If the glue is colorless, it can not be seen even in the place where the eyelash is glued. The glue of black color helps to achieve the effect of podvodki because it makes the outline of the eye sharper.

  • With the use of special tools, the master cleanses the skin of make-up and sebum.
    Then the steps are fundamentally different depending on which method is chosen.

  • The effect, which is designed for a long period of time, gives a spasmodic eyelash extension. However, this procedure lasts a long time. This is because the artificial cilium needs to be glued to every living "sister".

  • If the effect is needed for several hours or days, then they resort to the help of beam build-up. In this method, the hairs are glued to the eyelid.

  • To get the most lush eyelashes, use a volumetric eyelash extension. This technology is similar to the first technique, but as the donor cilia used villi, which are divided into several hairs. The procedure lasts several hours and you can not open your eyes at this time, so as not to spoil the work of the master.

Contra-indications for eyelash extension

To reduce the effects of eyelash extension to a minimum, you need to know about some contraindications to this procedure. After all, who is forewarned, he is armed. So, here they are:

  1. Individual intolerance of constituents of glue and material of artificial eyelashes. To find out about your sensitivity, you can do a test gluing of test cilia.

  2. Oily skin. In general, this is not a contraindication. Just in this situation, eyelashes will not last long.

  3. Frequent diseases of conjunctivitis.

  4. Weak cilia. If they tend to fall out under stress, for example, when they rub their eyes, they will definitely not cope with the weight of the material that will be glued on them.

  5. And most importantly, it is better only to make eyelash extensions in a proven salon, the price will necessarily pay off with good quality of materials and work.

What to do after the procedure?

All the new cilia are in place and want to maximize the charm and charm of the look. So, it is necessary to make efforts that will help prolong their existence.

To permanently save all the effects of eyelash extension, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • The first three hours after visiting the master you need to avoid moisture, new cilia should not get wet;

  • As little as possible rub eyes, even during washing;

  • In the next two days, do not use steam trays;

  • Exclude the possibility of skin contact with chlorinated and sea water;

  • Do not use waterproof mascara;

  • Choose low-fat creams for eyelids so that they do not destroy glue;

  • Try to sleep so that you do not press cilia.

Do I have to lose eyelashes?

No. A situation is possible that their number will not change much after the removal of artificial ones. Of course, eyelashes will not be as thick and strong as before.

Proper conduct of the procedure by the master and a full-fledged care can nullify all the disadvantages of eyelash extension.

Actions to restore eyelashes after building

To properly select a special tool that will help to cope with their loss, you need to consult a master. He will recommend professional compounds that will be most effective. Especially on them it is worth paying attention if the number of fallen cilia is very noticeable. The main thing is to thoroughly study the composition of this tool, because the aggressive components are not needed now.

Home remedies that can restore the health of eyelashes

Before using any product, you need to thoroughly clean the eyelid skin and eyelashes. By the way, it is better to take care of them and do not use cosmetics for a while.

1. Natural oils.

Most oils of natural origin can strengthen the available eyelashes and accelerate the growth of new ones. In addition, they will become silky, they can grow a little longer and even thicker. Oils, like no other remedy, perfectly eliminate all the negative effects of eyelash extension.

Castor oil helps to strengthen the roots of eyelashes to activate the rate of their growth. It is enough to apply it carefully for half an hour before bedtime.

If you need more intensive treatment, then castor must be added burdock oil and aloe juice. Proportions can be arbitrary, but their number will be optimal. It is advisable to add a few drops of vitamin E to the mixture. The treatment usually takes one month.

A good effect is given by chamomile and calendula in oil extracts. They are supposed to be mixed with castor oil. Recommendations are the same as in the recipe with burdock oil.

To use the oil, you can use an old brush from the carcass, which you need to rinse well. The oil mixture should be applied neatly on the fingertips to the eyelashes and brushed with a brush.

2. Compresses from vegetable teas.

Wadded disks need to be soaked in infusions of herbal tea and put them on eyelids and eyelashes, and leave for 10-20 minutes.

As a present, black and green tea, better leafy, can be used. To use the tea you need to brew as usual. You can also use plants such as chamomile and calendula, sage and cornflower. They need to be poured with boiling water and leave to infuse for several hours.

3. Balanced nutrition and intake of additional vitamins.

This will achieve a full recovery of the eyelashes from the inside. It is especially necessary to enrich the diet with foods that contain vitamins A, C, E and B. They should be taken in the form of vitamin complexes.

Conclusion: how long will the recovery last?

To eventually get only the benefits of eyelash extension, you need to do it at a time when they are already strengthened and healthy. Therefore, it is worthwhile to increase the number of caring procedures in advance. Then the consequences of eyelash extension will practically not arise.

If eyelashes are affected, then the recovery period will directly depend on the harm received. If the ciliated cilia are small and they are simply weakened, then it may take several weeks to return them to a good condition. Otherwise it may take months.

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