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Arden grange for dogs, feed: description

Undoubtedly, for every person his pet is the best. Especially when it comes to dogs, because these animals are not only pets, but also friends. Therefore, the desire every day to please his four-legged friend is a perfectly normal desire. Choosing as the main food for the dog dry food, many people start to think about whether all the necessary vitamins and substances the animal receives with such nutrition.

Arden Grange Dog Food: composition and description

The English company Arden Grange, whose food was recognized as a super-premium product, claims that their products fully comply with all standards. Is it so?

If we consider the composition of food intended for dogs of large breeds, then each person can personally verify that 32 percent of the total weight takes meat. So, natural products in the form of chicken meat are added in 5% volume, and the percentage of flour from the same poultry is not less than 32. Do not be afraid of the phrase "chicken meal". After all, this ingredient is nothing more than natural meat, dried and wiped to the state of a loose mixture. Also among the components, you can find fishmeal, which is added in small doses.

To the dog was energetic, it needs a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. To do this, in the dry food Arden Grange for dogs is added rice, as well as corn, which is rich in macro and microelements, proteins. In addition, the composition contains useful vitamins and minerals.

Advantages of Arden Grange dog food

This food, as you remember, was recognized as a super-premium product. So do not be surprised that he has more pluses than minuses. It is thanks to this that the product of Arden Grange is popular and popular in many cities and countries. For dogs, the feed has the following advantages:

  • The volume of natural meat satisfies the needs of the animal, completely saturating the dog;
  • Useful substances in the form of minerals, vitamins and other components contribute to improving the health of pets;
  • Food is popular. Therefore, you can buy it in almost any pet store. If it is not available, you can always order the packaging via the Internet;
  • Wide assortment allows to choose the most suitable variant for this or that breed of dogs, and also to diversify a food of the favorite by means of various tastes of a forage.

Disadvantages of dog food

Many note only one drawback of the product of this brand.

It's all about price - Arden Grange has a much higher price than similar fodder. However, buying a more expensive, but proven product, the owner can be sure of the well-being of his four-legged friend.

Varieties of Arden Grange

Manufacturers have developed whole lines of conventional feed suitable for different kinds of dogs. So, there is a selection of products for puppies taking into account their breed, pregnant and lactating dogs, as well as for animals of different weight category.

In addition, there is a special version of Arden Grange for dogs. This food is designed for dogs who need a more careful approach to choosing a diet.

For large breeds of dogs, for example, Labradors, it is recommended to purchase food, the main components of which are fish and rice. Such food can saturate a large dog, but not to admit obesity.

Dogs prone to an allergic reaction should be fed food that is based on potatoes and cod. These components are better absorbed, without irritating the stomach and skin of four-legged animals.

For pets who have a problem with excess weight, it is better to buy Arden Grange dietary products. For dogs of this type of food, two varieties can be found on offer - not only with a minimum amount of animal fat that contributes to weight reduction, but also supports the optimal weight of the dog.

Old animals need more care and careful planning of the menu. For them, there is also a special food, taking into account their less mobility and poor health.


Now you know what Arden Grange's dog food is, which the owners leave only positive. Most experts believe that it is an excellent option for nutrition of the pet. Stopping his choice on this product, the owner of the animal can be completely calm and confident that his pet will be completely satisfied.

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