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How to put yorky ears: recommendations for beginning dog breeders

Yorkshire Terriers have standing triangular ears. They must rise to a certain age. But sometimes, for various reasons, this does not happen. After reading this article, you will learn how to put yorky ears.

Why is there such a problem?

One of the most common reasons why a puppy does not have ears is genetic. This factor is due to the difficulties in selecting suitable pairs within a single locality. Many owners do not have the opportunity to go to another city to tie a dog with an ideal partner. Therefore, they agree to acquaintance of their animal with a Yorkian, who has some disadvantages of the exterior. All deviations from the standard are fixed at the genetic level, therefore, new generations of representatives of this breed do not fully meet the requirements.

The next, no less common reason why the owners have to be interested in how to put the ears of york (the photo of these animals will be presented below) is a deficiency of calcium in the canine organism. In this case, the first thing a master has to do is to pay attention to the health of his pet and fill up the stock of all the missing useful elements.

Ears can also fall off during the period of changing teeth. As a rule, soon everything comes back to normal. But it also happens that the animal has too weak cartilage, which significantly complicates the process. In such cases, the owner will have to take appropriate measures. Sometimes, before putting the ears of york, it is enough just to rid them of the fur growing on them. As a rule, haircut allows you to completely get rid of the problem.

The solution to the problem caused by a change of teeth

Usually this happens when the puppy is three to four months old. If the dog had ears before, then during this period they may fall. There is nothing to worry about, because after the appearance of molars everything should be restored by itself.

In order to avoid the depletion of cartilaginous tissue during this period, the animal is recommended to give special vitamins, for selection of which you should consult a veterinarian. Also, experienced breeders are advised to stick their ears. To do this, you can use a transparent adhesive plaster. Before the Yorkie is placed ears, two squares of the appropriate length should be cut out from it. Then they are glued together and made from them an oval, which is glued from the inside of the ear. This procedure should be performed daily, as the dog can rip off the patch.

How to correctly place the ears of a york with a weak cartilaginous tissue?

In this case, priority should be given to feeding the animal. In the dog diet must necessarily enter a sufficient number of cartilage. Puppy can be cooked cold from the words, and you can mix gelatin with food.

Also, before the Yorkie put your ears, you need to consult a veterinarian. It is not excluded that he will recommend to your pet special drugs that make up the deficiency of missing vitamins and trace elements.

What if the dog has too big ears?

In this situation, it is very difficult to achieve the desired result. If you do not plan to exhibit your pet, then you can leave it as it is. Otherwise, you need to show maximum patience and make a lot of effort.

Before yorky put ears, they need to cut off all the hair. Then they are doubled and wrapped with a band-aid so that the result is a tube with an open ear canal. After that, both ears are connected by means of a regular bandage. This simple measure will not allow them to fall and diverge in different directions.

Once a week, the adhesive plaster must be removed to check if it was possible to get rid of the problem. A new bandage should be applied no earlier than a few hours after removing the old one.

Useful recommendations

Before you put the ears of york at 6 months of age, you need to get acquainted with the simple, but very effective advice of experienced breeders. So, for their gluing you should buy a hypoallergenic adhesive plaster, which can be worn for five days. In order for the puppy not to tear off the bandage, it is advisable to wear a special collar on it. After removing the adhesive plaster, you need to carefully examine the dog's ears for inflammation, redness and other side effects. Having found out on a skin not clear rashes, it is necessary to refuse temporarily from imposing of a bandage and to treat an animal.

In shops specializing in the sale of pet products, a special adhesive is being sold, intended for earning. It contains substances that do not pose a danger to the dog's skin. After applying glue, the ear needs to be folded or propped up.

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