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Festive table, or what to cook from turkey

Nutritionists distinguish turkey meat as the easiest (low-calorie), useful and easily assimilated, as it is saturated with useful substances and microelements. It is recommended for baby food, as meat does not cause any allergies.

Turkey in cooking

It must be said that it is possible to cook a large number of different dishes from a turkey: it is stewed, baked, stuffed, etc. But the most popular recently is the bird baking entirely. Most likely, it went from American fashion to prepare this dish for the holidays. Choosing what to cook from a turkey, it is necessary to remember that this bird has both light and dark meat, which differs in taste. Thus, the wings and breast are light, they are tender enough, resembling veal to taste, and the hips and shins are dark, intense taste, resemble the game meat. In any case, the turkey is the best example of the main course, since it contains the same vitamins as vegetables, fruits, dairy products and grains. Today we will consider what to cook from turkey The hostess on the festive table.

Turkey fillet with mushrooms

Ingredients: half a kilogram of turkey fillet, two hundred grams of mushrooms (can be dried), two hundred grams of sour cream, two onions, one mustard spoon, pepper, salt and spices.

Cooking process

Cut the fillets into small cubes, fry in oil. Then add finely chopped onions and mushrooms, pepper, salt and spices, and also mustard and stew for ten minutes. Then add sour cream and continue to simmer for another five minutes. Garnish is served with rice, vegetables or mashed potatoes.

Chops from turkey

Ingredients: one hundred grams of cheese, four turkey fillets, half a basil, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, one spoonful of pepper and salt.

Cooking process

The fillets are cut, lightly beaten, then rubbed with salt and pepper and fried on both sides. Basil is cut, mixed with cheese, pepper is added. The ready mix is laid out on each chop and served, decorating with a twig of greens.

Cutlets stuffed with mushrooms (dishes from turkey stuffing)

Ingredients: five hundred grams of minced meat, three hundred grams of mushrooms, two hundred grams of onions, salt and spices, bread crumbs and vegetable oil.

Cooking process

It must be said that it is not difficult to prepare such cutlets from a turkey, but the dish turns out to be excellent. So, first of all, you need to chop onion, mushrooms finely chopped, all this fry in oil, a little salting, about fifteen minutes. Next, from the forcemeat form a cake, in the middle lay out the filling, join the edges, thus forming a cutlet. It is rolled in breadcrumbs and fried for five minutes on each side.

Turkey in the oven

Ingredients: one carcass of turkey, vegetable oil, sour cream (mayonnaise), apples.

Cooking process

The carcass is rubbed inside and outside with salt, the skin is smeared with sour cream and butter, the inside is stuffed with peeled and sliced apples. Instead of apples, you can put a few cloves of garlic and five peas. Prepared in this way, the bird is spread on a baking sheet and put in the oven to bake until ready, sprinkling periodically formed sauce.

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