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Famous and outstanding citizens of Bashkortostan

Let's make a list of "outstanding citizens of the Republic of Bashkortostan." Among them - representatives of literary, musical, artistic creativity. Outstanding citizens of Bashkortostan have shown themselves in many areas of art. We suggest you get acquainted with them in more detail. Opens our list of Mazhit Gafuri.

Mazhit Gafuri

The years of life of this founder of the Bashkir and Tatar literature, as well as the national poet of Bashkiria - 1880-1934. His work reflected the main social problems in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan in the first third of the 20th century.

Mazhit Gafuri is the son of a teacher from Zilim-Karanovo village. At the age of 13 he lost both his mother and father, and began to wander the Urals in search of earnings. A deep impression on him in his youth was made by the art of akyns, Kazakh songs, legends and tales of native and Kazakh peoples.

Creative way

Mazhit Gafuri created his first poem called Shakidram Ishana in the winter of 1901-1902. The first collection was published in Orenburg in 1904. At the same time, the first story of this author, "A Life Passed in Poverty", is published as a separate book in Kazan. Gafuri simultaneously acts as a prose writer, and as a poet, until the end of the creative path, continuing to work in various genres. There are poems of this author about the Siberian railway, in which the age of progress is celebrated, and there is a theme of backwardness from the European development of the East, ignorance and plugging of Bashkirs and Tatars in comparison with the Russians.

Revolution of 1905, this writer welcomes from the bottom of the heart, having dedicated to her in the same year "Verse of Joy", calling this time "the sun of freedom".

Among other works of this writer we note the story "Poor peasants" (1907), which depicts the hopeless life of the urban lower classes, "Orphans" (1907), as well as poems of 1908-1909 ("The Rich", "The Richman and the Worker "," I'm sorry "," Beggar "), where the inequality of social status is denounced. Having visited Bashkirs in 1909, he published "Zayatulyak and Khuukhylu", an epic work. In 1927 the highly popular novel "Disgraced" ("The Blackheads") was completed, one of his best works, depicting the tragic plight of the village woman. This author also has several children's stories: "Farmhand", "Wild Goose", "Lost Aktyrnak" and others.

Mustai Karim

Let's continue our list of "outstanding citizens of Bashkortostan". The next author, about whom I would like to tell you, is Mustai Karim, the poet. He was born in 1919, turned out to be only a second person who could write and read. His first brother was the first. When the war began, this future poet had just graduated from the Pedagogical Institute, the Literary Department, and immediately went to the front. Throughout the service he wrote poetry, even hitting the hospital with a severe wound. After the amendment Mustai Karim worked as a correspondent for various front-line newspapers, remaining at the front until the last day. The military poems brought him real fame.

Characteristics of creativity

Mustai Karim gives us Bashkiria with his creativity - he wrote a lot about his native land. In his poems fresh and multicolored live meadow meadows and plowed fields, lakes, rivers and mountains.

The poet raised serious questions. How should a person live? The answer you will find in the poem Musta Karima "So Life Begins".

In 1957 he wrote the comedy "The Abduction of a Girl", full of folk humor. But the genre of tragedy is closer to his work. Peru of this author belongs to the "Country of Aigul" (1967) - a romantic drama, the tragedy "Salavat" (1971) and others, dedicated to the main theme - the search for the person the meaning of life, himself.

"The Joy of Our Home" occupies a special place among other books devoted to the description of military childhood. It is very bright, it tells about the friendship of two children and the peoples of a huge country.

The creativity of this poet, thus, is filled with love for the homeland and the peoples inhabiting this land, the desire to make people better.

Gaziz Salikhovich Almukhametov

The list of "outstanding citizens of Bashkortostan" certainly includes Gaziz Salikhovich Almukhametov. The life of this man (1895-1937) was like a feat. We present you the work of this author, included in the list of "outstanding citizens of Bashkortostan". See the photo above.

Gaziz Almuhametov was born in a poor family of farm laborers. Once, together with his older brother, he went to work, leaving for Tashkent. In a foreign land the boy really misses his native places, and he conveys these experiences in his favorite songs, which he knew from childhood. The singing of Gaziz delighted the Tatars and Bashkirs, who began to invite him to concerts in the parks of Tashkent.

Increased popularity

After several years, its fame extends beyond even Central Asia, reaching Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and Siberia. Further there were tours in Siberia, the Volga region, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan. This young man, who was already included in the list of "outstanding people of Bashkortostan", is not satisfied only with concert activity, he is keenly interested in Tatar and Bashkir folk songs, their legends and history. They collect and record them, gradually becoming a folklorist.

After that, he takes a great interest in the idea of creating an opera based on Bashkir and Tatar folk melodies, and realizes it (the opera "Sania"). The premiere took place in Kazan in 1925. It was followed by another, "Esche".

After that, Gaziz Salikhovich is searching for talents for the opera studio, being the mentor of many musicians, singers and composers, who later also joined the list of "outstanding personalities of Bashkortostan".

In 1933 he published a book dedicated to the problems of musical education.

Akhmat Lutfullin

The truthful, sincere, bright art of this artist, born in 1928, conquers national identity. This is true Bashkir not only by origin, but also by attachment to its people and the earth man.

The first exhibition of his works took place in 1957, in the summer, in the city park of Ufa. Even then, it became clear to some that this person has all the makings in order to supplement the list of "outstanding people of the Republic of Bashkortostan" in the future. Both the press and the audience took this exhibition warmly. Already in the first works one can see the desire to create portraits-images that convey the best features of the people of Bashkiria (wealth of the inner world, physical beauty, sense of national dignity).

The best works

In 1968, this author, included in the list of "famous people of Bashkortostan", wrote one of his best works - "Golden Autumn", a portrait of meditation, depicting an elderly married couple.

A great success was Lutfullin's Three Women (1969), which embodies the moral beauty and purity of the people's characters. The plot: three women in a Bashkir hut drink tea in national clothes.

The artist writes and landscapes, in particular, "The last old house in the village", built on contrasts.

Rauf Akhmetovich Murtazin

Let's complete the list of "outstanding citizens of Bashkortostan" with one more name. The creativity of this man (years of life - 1910-1994) is an important part of the culture of Bashkortostan, in particular, musical. He composed romances, songs and symphonies, without which it is now difficult to imagine Bashkir music. The entire structure of the works will penetrate Rauf Akhmetovich's energy and optimism.

The creativity of this author is hard work, constant and comprehensive.

He was born in 1910, and after 9 years of his parents he took typhoid, and Rauf, who was left an orphan, took up the brother of his father for education. In this family they loved musical creativity, and the boy's hobbies were encouraged in every possible way. He entered the music school in 1926. After finishing the third year, he went to direct the brass band to Baimaksky district. Here he creates the musical design of such plays as "Galiyaban", "Sakmar", "Karagul".

After that, already in Moscow, being a student at the Conservatory, he wrote a variety of instrumental and vocal works, including violin and cello suites, the processing of melodies of folk art, lyrical romances such as "Love", "Tosca", "By the Stream". After the war began, he participates in the defense of the Russian capital, receives a serious wound. After graduation her interrupted training was continued. The opera "Azat" is being created.

In 1950, Rauf Akhmetovich wrote music for the film "Soviet Bashkiria". In 1952 he created the suite "Na Sabantui".

In total, they wrote more than two hundred works, 170 songs and songs.

Scale and mature was the first symphony of this author, B-minor. In it he planned to tell about his feelings and thoughts connected with the history of his native land. In addition, the composer Murtazin wrote seven other symphonies, united by this topic. In them he sings the beauty of nature, turns to the history of the people, gives sketches of his life.

In the instrumental and choral music, symphonies, the strength and beauty of the Bashkir people are revealed, thanks to which the desire arises to recognize and love it.

These are outstanding citizens of the Republic of Bashkortostan. We listed only the main artists, they acquainted you with their work. But this list can be continued, since these are not all the famous people of Bashkortostan. This edge, as you can see, is very rich in talents. Names of outstanding citizens of Bashkortostan are heard not only in this republic, but also beyond its borders.

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