Facsimile: features of choice

Modern communication allows you to transfer graphic copies of a static image, and the fax machine used for this is a device that organizes communication over a telephone line. Modern devices have wide functionality, the choice of which depends on the preferences of the consumer.

A robust, simple fax machine is a combination of a telephone and a receiving device together with a printing component. The device allows you to send documents printed on any kind of paper, but to receive them on a special thermal tape. Due to heating in the place of the image, the picture darkens, and you can see the information being transferred. Such devices are not only reliable, but cheap in the device and its operation. Consumables for the device are limited to thermal paper, which is sold in rolls.

The drawbacks of conventional faxes are short-lived storage of messages, because thermal paper is not completely reliable, over time it darkens and loses image quality.

Despite this, the entry-level fax machine has a wide range of functions, which include storing a list of phone numbers, speed dialing, polling and other possibilities. Some models have automatic paper pruning and an answering machine.

If you need to receive a high-quality print of received messages, and also ensure their safe storage, you will need a Panasonic fax machine - a higher-level device. However, when using the device, the maintenance costs of this equipment are substantially increased.

Similar devices that make it possible to obtain a high-quality image on standard A4 paper are produced in two ways. A cheaper and simpler version are devices based on thermal transfer. The principle is somewhat like a normal fax machine. The main element of printing is an expensive special film, which has a finite resource and is subject to periodic replacement. The cost of a copy created by such a device is much higher than the price of printing one sheet on a laser device.

Experience shows that after receiving thousands of copies, it makes sense to switch to more expensive laser technology. Thus, Panasonic faxes with the principle of thermal transfer are more suitable for work in small offices or for home use. You can add that these devices have displays, automatic paper feeders, built-in memory, as well as a speakerphone and an answering machine.

The second type of device can include a laser fax machine. This technique uses the same technology as conventional laser printers. In other words, such a device is an advanced fax machine with an integrated laser printer.

Devices allow you to get a high-quality image, while they have a high speed of operation. The simplest model prints up to 10 copies per minute. Consumables are a drum and toner, which is a powder for printing. Usually one refueling is enough to get several thousand copies. Replacement of the drum is carried out not earlier than 3-5 shifts of toner.

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