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Dessert in the multivark. Is it easy?

Having bought a miracle pot, the first thing that many are preparing is a dish from preset regimes, naturally. Dessert in a multivarquet is decided to be made only when the hand is already stuffed. There are, of course, those who do otherwise, because there are exceptions to any rule.

So, dessert in a multivarquet is an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that cooking is a pleasure. If you sincerely believed that baking - it's not your horse, you know, you were wrong. Let's start with the simplest thing that you can cook in a multivark. It's a biscuit. A glass of sugar and four yolks whisk, add a glass of flour, a spoon of baking powder, all kneaded. It may happen that the dough will be very steep and difficult to mix. This is affected by the size of the eggs, just add one more. In a separate container, whisk egg whites with a pinch of salt and vanilla.

Thick foam gradually and gently to mix to the main test. In a greased and heated (no more than five minutes) multivark pour the dough and leave in the "baking" mode for an hour.

For this program, the dessert in the multivarquet turns out to be smooth and well baked. The recipe for a curd or charlotte can be used as standard, as for cooking in a conventional oven. It is difficult to set the necessary time, but only at first. Typically, the baking of a liter of dough takes an hour. The larger the initial product, the more time is required, respectively. Anyway, every mistress has favorite recipes, and eventually, more accurately with experience, this problem will cease to be relevant.

Want to cook jam? No problem, a multivarker will help! The "dessert / jam" mode is specially designed for this. If your unit does not have such an option, you can specify the program "quenching". Adding together berries and sugar, it remains to wait for readiness and pour on jars. Some not very juicy fruits and berries may require a little water to the bottom. For cooking strawberry or any other confiture, you need pectin, which should be added at the very beginning. Jams are ideal for pancakes or biscuits, decorated with whipped cream.

The next dessert in the multivarquet that can be cooked is yoghurt. Some devices are equipped with such a function initially, the rest is suitable mode "heating". So, it is necessary to mix a liter of milk and a cup of plain yogurt. The best, in the opinion of many, is the natural yogurt "Activia". It produces a brilliant and strong product. Pour the finished mixture into a jar of suitable size. It is important that the milk is warm (36-40 degrees). At the bottom of the pots, put something to avoid scratching, pour warm water (36-40 degrees). We put the jar with the finished mixture, cover it with a lid. It is important that water does not pour into the milk. Turn on the "heating" mode for twenty minutes. "Yield" yogurt will be about seven hours. When the liquid begins to thicken, it must be immediately removed to the refrigerator until completely cooled, otherwise the product will become acidic.

It's easy and easy to prepare desserts in a multivariate. Recipes amaze with its simplicity, and most importantly, that as a result you always get a quality cooked dish. Good luck in the kitchen!

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