Cymbidium orchid: how to care?

You decided to have a beautiful orchid at home, but you are stopped by the fact that such plants are rather capricious and require especially careful care. Start your acquaintance with orchids from the genus Cymbidium. Elegantly flowering plants, with a very diverse palette of flowers, they are very unpretentious and ideal for beginners.

So, let's consider in more detail what kind of flower it is. Tsimbidium - Orchid room, belonging to the family of Orchids, decorative and beautiful flowering plant. It is widespread not only among beginners, but also among florists with experience. The rainforests are the place where the cymbidium orchid was born . Care for the plant is easy. It is not so whimsical and capricious as other varieties of orchids.

Cymbidium is an orchid, which is very often used by breeders to breed new species, so the variety of colors of this flower is simply amazing. There are species of cymbidium with white-colored leaves.

In nature, an orchid can grow up to two meters in height. Of course, not every house can afford to place such a miracle. Orchids of cymbidium grow at a height of about 70 cm at home, there are quite small dwarf species, whose height reaches only 20 cm, and the size of the flowers is about 10 cm. Imagine: an orchid with small leaves and a large beautiful flower looks amazing. There are species of orchids and with small flowers.

Orchid Cymbidium: Care

When caring for a plant, it is very important to take into account some points. Cymbidium is an orchid that does not tolerate high humidity. There are no special measures to take care of the plant.

The only thing if you want a long and abundant flowering plant, he should provide a temperature drop of about 10 degrees. Such conditions can be created by exposing the flower at night to the street or to the balcony. Do not worry about the fact that the orchid will be too cool, the cymbidium will easily transfer the temperature drop down to 0 degrees.

But the heat they do not like, the maximum temperature for an orchid is about 28 degrees. The temperature increase affects the plant badly, it starts to turn yellow and fade. Therefore, it is desirable to keep the flower in places cooler in the summer and try to lower the temperature. For prevention, the plant can be sprinkled with warm water every day. But only in very hot weather!


Watering the plant should be very moderate. It is best to do this after completely drying the soil in the pot. It should be very carefully monitored so that the water does not stagnate in the pot. Otherwise, the roots of the orchid very quickly rot, and the flower will die. Cymbidium is an orchid that loves a warm shower.


Plants should be fed every two weeks with liquid fertilizer. During the flowering period, fertilizers can be excluded.

Absolutely all orchids can be transplanted only after flowering and only if necessary. A very overgrown bush of the cymbidium can be divided into several parts during transplantation.

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