Militant short mohawk

Iroquois is rightly considered a true male haircut, although lately girls are increasingly asserting their rights to him, but even after that, he does not cease to be deliberately aggressive and brutal.

Punks, giving this hairstyle the status of a cult, did not open America, rather, they revived the traditions of its indigenous people, slightly beguiling the tribes. As knowledgeable people say, the Iroquois never carried such a styling. It was a distinctive sign of their enemies - Shawnee, who for a long time could not find a common language with the Iroquois League, and the matter, of course, was not limited to verbal quarrels. Then the punks, wishing to harden the "decent" society, harder, began to build on their heads outrageous dirty combs of hair, and even painted in all colors of the rainbow.

However, with the departure of the rebellious 80's, this haircut for a short time went into the shadows, then to return in a new format. Now you rarely meet a request to make a classic version, more often the guys are asked to perform a short Iroquois. Some call it English style - mohawk or mohawk. Its fundamental difference in the length of the strands and width of the crest.

How should the result of the efforts of the hairdresser look like? Undoubtedly, the whiskey and the nape are shaved. On the vertex, we leave a strip of hair about 10 centimeters wide. Strands of 2 or 3 centimeters form a comb of the hair, and quite short. Iroquois men (the photo clearly does not lie) turns the average inhabitant into an emphatically courageous male. Of course, he does not interfere more often in the gym, because such a haircut is perfectly combined with a tight sporty look. Where is it seen that the descendants of warlike Indians boast of a beer belly.

With a certain skill, you can take a chance and try to create a short Mohawk yourself. The male approach is well-respected and good-they did not manage themselves, so they asked the master to shave to zero. So, the technology of a hairstyle is simple. Wet hair is divided into a straight part, on both sides of it we distinguish strands of the same width. Bad with the eye, so ask a friend or a friend to participate. So that the locks are not confused, immediately podkalyvayte the future short Iroquois hair clips, well, or at the worst end of the rubber bands will do. Hair on the temples and the back of the head is exterminated with a machine, the nozzle is selected the minimum. Want to achieve "brilliance", take a razor. The crest in the final, correct, leaving the desired length. Although if you are holding the hair clipper for the first time , then it's better not to save, but immediately go to the salon.

The short Mohawk is a very unpretentious character. Stacking means will take a little, and efforts to apply special are not necessary. It is enough to wash your head and gel to make the prick up. The more careless the result of your labors will be, the better. The definition of "neatness" does not belong to the number of advantages of your chosen style.

Add the spices and the already not boring short Iroquois can be with the help of color. And do not immediately buy a cheerfully green dye. A few brightened strings are enough. Chic patterns look shaved on the temples and the back of the head. Such "tattoos" are painless, and if they start bothering you, you can just shave them off.

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