Chrysanthemum: growing and caring for a sun flower

Saplings of chrysanthemums are a welcome gift for a variety of gardeners. This beautiful plant is associated with many legends in different cultures. In Chinese mythology, chrysanthemums, the cultivation and care of which we consider in this article, are the children of the Sun. In Japan, images of these flowers are often found on seals, ornaments and coins. In addition, in Asia, this garden ornament is also used as an ingredient for cooking. Let's find out how to grow chrysanthemum on your site.

General information

You can grow chrysanthemum in pots. In this case, it will become an ideal decoration of the house. In cut form, these flowers are idle for up to a month, so florists are happy to use them when composing bouquets. But the best chrysanthemums, cultivation and care for which are available to both a specialist and a beginner, look outdoors. With the onset of autumn, small-flowered (Korean) and strikingly bright large-flowered varieties fill the gardens with colors. They are all extremely decorative, their flowering can continue with proper care until November due to resistance to low temperatures. The flowering of chrysanthemums planted in open ground begins at the end of August. And it does not end until the temperature drops to seven degrees below zero. Different varieties have different height of the stems (from 20 to 80 cm), different mahrovost inflorescence. But they are all beautiful and elegant. In the open ground in the northern regions of Russia, too, can grow chrysanthemums. Growing and caring for them in this case suggests that flowers should be sheltered for the winter, and otherwise the rules listed above must be observed. After cutting the stems, it is necessary to leave a stump up to 15 cm in height, which then should be covered with foliage and peat, warmed with lapnika.

Demanding Chrysanthemums: Growing and Care

These flowers should not be shaded, nor should water stagnate in the surrounding soil. Therefore, the optimal place for chrysanthemums is well-lit and located on a hill. If these conditions are met, you can be sure that the shoots will not stretch (which greatly spoils the appearance of the bush), and the flowering period will not change. Dislike of chrysanthemums to waterlogging also does not mean that for them a dryland is better. Since their root system is located in the upper layer of the soil, irrigation should be moderate, but regular. The soil should be loosened and filled with nutrients (well-repaired manure, peat, compost). But do not abuse fertilizers - their excess will provoke excessive development of leaves to the detriment of flowers. Plant chrysanthemums should be on a cloudy day with high humidity. And if the weather is sunny, wait for the evening. Holes for planting should be done about 40 cm deep. They need to be watered, drained with large sand, pour a little biohumus into them. Strongly deepen the seedling of chrysanthemum is not needed, as the roots of the plant will grow parallel to the soil. Stems of tall varieties need tie, especially if they grow in a place often blown by the wind.

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