Optimal temperature for cucumbers in the greenhouse

Cultivation of cucumbers and tomatoes on the plot is a very profitable business. Some gardeners work for profit, others for the soul and pleasure. Nevertheless, obtaining an abundant harvest of vegetables depends on the conditions of cultivation and proper care. The greenhouse is the ideal structure and assistant to the gardener. If there is not enough heat and a little long summer period, it will help to keep the desired temperature.

But here it is also necessary to observe the basic rules for creating a favorable climate. Some vegetable crops, in particular cucumbers, do not tolerate sudden temperature changes. Because of this, the plants fall ill, lag behind in growth and bear little fruit.

. Gardeners have little to know the optimum temperature for cucumbers in the greenhouse . It is necessary to be able to regulate it, despite various weather conditions.

Preparing the greenhouse

Preparation begins immediately after harvest. In the case of installing a new greenhouse, the soil must be prepared in the fall.

The earth is enriched with the dumped manure and peat in equal proportions. The percentage of soil acidity is not more than pH 7.1.

It is necessary to choose the right dimensions of the greenhouse. Do not set too long views. In them it will be difficult to achieve good ventilation. . Also, in cold weather, it will be more difficult to raise the temperature in the greenhouse for cucumbers .

Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse

Planting of cucumbers is carried out:

  • Seeds;
  • Seedling method.

The second method will allow you to harvest earlier on average for two weeks.

Cucumbers - the culture is rather tender and does not tolerate the transplant. The roots of the plant are shallow in the soil. Therefore, for seedling, the seeds are planted in peat pots.

The main temperature indicators for greenhouse cucumbers:

Growth period of cucumbers


Seed sowing

25-28 ° С

Planting seedlings in the ground

20-23 ° С

Flowering period

25-28 ° С

When forming the ovaries

20-35 ° С

For abundant fruiting

25-30 ° С

After the appearance of 4 leaves, the seedlings are planted in a permanent place. The temperature of the soil should be at least 18 degrees by this time. Otherwise, the plant will not develop and grow. With a prolonged low soil temperature, the seedlings will fade and die.

Optimum temperature for cucumber planting

должна составлять от 25 до 28 градусов. When emergence of shoots of cucumbers in a greenhouse, the temperature should be from 25 to 28 degrees. After the seeds have risen, 20-23 degrees is enough. Extra heat will lead to excessive stretching of the shoots. But good lighting is necessary for seedlings.

на начальном этапе устанавливается 16—18 градусов. The night temperature regime in the greenhouse for cucumbers at the initial stage is set at 16-18 degrees. After a week, the night temperature is raised by an average of 3 degrees.

Air temperature in the greenhouse

What temperature should be in the greenhouse for cucumbers, Depends on the stages of the development of culture. For adaptation, the temperature is required lower than during periods of vegetation and fruiting.

Beginners should remember:

  • The growth of the weas slows down at 15 degrees;
  • At 10 ° C, growth ceases;
  • The temperature below 9 degrees will ruin the plant.

It is necessary to create an optimal microclimate at all stages of growth, regardless of external factors. This approach will ensure rapid growth of young shoots and abundant fruiting in the future.

For this, the following rules are observed:

  • In sunny weather, the temperature should be as high as possible;
  • Night indicators depend on the previous day;
  • At high temperature, high humidity is required, at low, respectively, decreases.

, видно из таблицы. What temperature in the greenhouse for cucumbers is optimal , is evident from the table.

Growth periods




Mainly cloudy

Before fruiting




Fruiting of the central stem




Fruiting of lateral shoots




For abundant fruiting, it is very important to maintain the temperature at night. This directly affects the growth rate of the fruit. Ideal for the night is 21-23 degrees. Under such conditions, the cucumbers bear fruit at full capacity. The length of such a process can lead to a weakening of the weaves. Therefore, you need to give the plant time to recover. For this it is enough to lower the temperature for the night to 18 degrees for a period of two weeks.

To avoid negative consequences, many gardeners install a temperature sensor in the greenhouse. With the help of it, it is possible to observe the climate as needed and to monitor undesirable temperature fluctuations.

Soil temperature in the greenhouse

Soil is the basis for the success of gardening. Before planting, it should evenly warm up. должна продержаться на отметке 25—28 градусов на протяжении недели. The temperature in the greenhouse for cucumbers should hold at 25-28 degrees during the week.

There are different ways of heating the soil:

  • Use of organic fertilizers;
  • Heating using additional covering material;
  • Use of different types of technical heaters;
  • Water heating around the perimeter.

Humidity in the greenhouse

Humidity, as well as the temperature regime, is a rather important factor for the growth of cucumbers. Every period of growth, humidity should change.

Seedlings require the lowest humidity, which ranges between 70-75%. In the period of active growth of cucumber weaves, the required humidity on the average is 90%. During the flowering period, it is reduced by 10-15%.

If there is a lack of moisture, the following processes may appear:

  • Plant growth is declining;
  • Increased risk for the spread of pests and diseases;
  • The upper part of the soil dries up;
  • Ovaries are dying.

Humidity in the greenhouse is not difficult to create. It is necessary to conduct regular watering of plants and soil, monitor the temperature in the greenhouse. For cucumbers, moisture is very important, since they are 97% water.

Experienced gardeners recommend an evening watering of cucumbers in the greenhouse. In hot weather, morning or daytime moistening is added. бы ни была во внешней среде, полив должен проводиться регулярно и обильно. Whatever the temperature in the environment, watering should be done regularly and abundantly.

If you ignore the basic conditions for caring for cucumbers in the greenhouse, then there is a high risk of developing various diseases.

The main consequences of non-compliance with temperature and humidity norms:

  • The elasticity of stalks and foliage is lost;
  • The plant turns yellow;
  • On the sheets there are different spots;
  • Fallen or missing flower stalks;
  • The flowers and fruits of the cucumber dry.

Having found out in the greenhouse the above signs, you need to immediately try to remedy the situation. Cucumber is pretty whimsical and quickly dies.

Mixed Landings

The greenhouse can be used quite rationally by applying mixed landings.

It is worth considering that this is quite difficult. Humidity and temperature in the greenhouse for cucumbers and tomatoes should be different. Tomatoes can not tolerate the moisture that cucumbers need, and vice versa.

Ideally, you need to have two greenhouses:

  • Wet and stuffy for cucumber planting;
  • Hot and well-ventilated for tomatoes.

Despite the difficulties, many gardeners practice mixed planting, trying in different ways to achieve a good harvest. By gaining some experience, you can achieve good results.

The main recommendations for the greenhouse cultivation of cucumbers

When growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, remember that the temperature is the main indicator of the amount of harvest.

It should be remembered that:

  • Planting is best carried out after the necessary temperature has held at the same level for at least 5 days in the greenhouse;
  • Do not allow soil to dry out;
  • Watering with backwater under the root;
  • ; Avoid sudden temperature changes in the greenhouse for cucumbers and tomatoes ;
  • Do not allow drafts in the greenhouse with cucumbers;
  • Timely release the whip from the fruit.

Periodically it is useful to arrange a hothouse bath. You need to water the greenhouse and close all the windows and doors. In the case of mixed planting, the procedure should not be done.

Cucumber is a rather capricious culture. You need to create the right balance of moisture, heat and care. Do not forget about the prevention of disease. In time, make organic and mineral fertilizers. With all the rules and subtleties, the greenhouse will become an indispensable assistant in gardening.

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