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Imperial scorpions: content in the home

Habits to shy away from spiders and scream at their sight do not contribute to their friendly attitude towards them. And the sinister movie scenes with the attack of scorpions and people dying in agony, they created a truly deadly reputation. At best, people treat them tolerantly - they say, God's creature has the right to exist ... Few will manage to convince that the imperial scorpions are creatures in their own way beautiful and interesting for observation. However, there are many people around the world, and highly recommend that friends follow their example.

Why choose the "emperor"

Admittedly, in the houses of the arachnids, not only the imperial scorpions live. Experienced fans meet a wide variety of family members. However, these are the features in which the preference is most often given to them:

  1. Contrary to the general misconception, out of more than a thousand species of scorpions, only about 25 are dangerous to humans. They are certainly poisonous, but there are few serious consequences. Among such "harmless" - Hadogenes, Hottentotta, Heterometrus and the imperial scorpion Pandinus Imperator.
  2. This species of arachnids is the largest, which is reflected in its name. Adult individuals can grow up to 20 centimeters. That is, monitoring them is greatly facilitated. In addition, these creatures are rather slow, which also favors "peeping".
  3. Imperial scorpions are not aggressive. This reduces the risk of attack - unfriendly and wary behave only females with children.
  4. In comparison with other species, the "emperor" can be called rather unpretentious. In nature, he, sometimes, does without food and drink for several days. And the deterioration of living conditions does not kill him at once - he hides at a drop in temperature, becomes sluggish, but can hold out while you repair the heating.

Terrarium equipment

If you are interested in the imperial scorpion, the content begins with choosing a house for him. The minimum size of the aquarium is 35x35 centimeters (if you limited yourself to one or two individuals). The height of the walls is at least 15 cm; Too high simply do not need, because scorpions on smooth walls do not climb and hunt only in horizontal planes. At the top, the terrarium is covered with a mesh or plastic with ventilation holes. In the landscape are required shelter: large pieces of bark, half of small clay pots, artificial hollows. Lighting is not particularly necessary - the imperial scorpion at home remains a nocturnal creature, and from the bright light and at all trying to hide. However, some attach the ultraviolet or red lamp exclusively for aesthetic reasons: in their beams the pet mysteriously glows. Most scorpions are single. Little of! Deadly fights for the territory between them - a common thing. Black imperial scorpion in this respect is an exception, it is desirable to keep it small "flocks" or at least in pairs.

Litter is a must!

The bottom of the terrarium is necessarily lined with moss, peat or soil for indoor plants from the tropics. You can use wood bark, moist vermiculite or coconut shavings. Layer layer - a minimum of five centimeters, the imperial scorpions dig into their shelters. The litter should always be moist, but not wet, so that mold and decay do not appear. With the same purpose, it changes 3-4 times a year.

Comfortable temperature

Imperial scorpions feel good in the range of + 20-30 degrees. In our homes, this stability is not observed, so under the terrarium bottom is constantly working thermocouple. It will dry the substrate of the litter, so it is necessary to keep an eye out for its hydration.

Tropical Rain

Humidity is necessary not only for the prostrate substrate, but for the "emperor" himself - he regularly pours from the sky in his homeland, he also needs you at home. Special devices are not required, rather conventional spray and regularity. Spray should be and the soil, and the inhabitants of the aquarium every day, but without busting, so as not to stagnant puddles, and on the walls did not drain the condensate. In the terrarium there should be a drinking bowl - imperial scorpions drink constantly, and they also take a bath in it. The frequency of "sprinkling" is reduced to two or three times a week in early September, when the rainy season ends at the birthplace of the animal.

Menu for scorpion

Daily to feed these arachnids are not required. Adults eat no more than twice a week; The younger generation - three or four times. However, one should not hesitate with feeding: when food is scarce, they can regale each other. To overeat and obesity, imperial scorpions are not inclined, so to determine the amount of food it is enough to watch them and draw conclusions a couple of times. At the heart of the diet are insects and worms. Adult individuals easily dig a mouse or lizard (they should be killed in advance - scorpions eat the victim alive, and why watch someone's suffering?). Usually, food is added to the saucer, but some prefer to feed the pet with hands.

Male or female?

Imperial scorpions willingly breed in captivity. You want to get offspring from them - bring together a couple. Usually the gentleman is taken to the lady. To determine who is who, when buying will have to compare the purchased specimens: the males are smaller, the tail is longer and narrower; Scallops on the abdomen in size larger, and the teeth of these "combs" are longer. Do not trust yourself - ask directly in the store or take with you a familiar connoisseur.

Marriage period and post-wedding care

In order to stimulate sexual interest in the pair, it is enough to create the illusion of a rainy season for two weeks, that is, to spray the dwelling twice a day (but with a smaller volume of water so that mold does not appear). Courtship of the "emperors" is very impressive, but they are rarely observed, as they occur on a dead night. But the breeding female was seen by many scorpion-guides: the future offspring can be clearly seen through the abdomen. It is advisable to put her in a private apartment for the period of "pregnancy". As a scorpion mother, she is very caring. She does not start eating until all the offspring are fed. She kills food and gives nymphs on chelitsera and claws, and until they get an "adult" color (scorpions are born white), wears them on their backs. Separate the young from the mother can, when they get off it and start an independent life. That's when you can make an exotic gift to a friend (or enemy): the imperial scorpion, whose price starts at two thousand rubles, will quite go down for a valuable surprise with a hint.

Caution is above all!

Despite the fact that the "emperor" of a person can not be killed or seriously poisoned, his safety is very relative. The poison that he releases into the wound can cause allergies. And the process itself is not pleasant. Therefore, deciding to "cuddle" the pet, it's worth making sure that he does not mind. The combat position is a clear warning of unwillingness to communicate. Do not make sharp movements - a scared scorpion will respond immediately. It is better to put his hand on him, so that he climbed on it himself, or transplant it into his hand, taking a pair of tweezers with soft paws by the tail.

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