Choose a place for the construction of a cottage

Perhaps, to all the fault of the eternal noise of cars, endless repairs by neighbors, illness, exacerbated by the dust and gas contamination of city streets. But many modern city dwellers with time start to think about moving to a private house somewhere in a quiet village near the city. And how nice it will be to wake up there and not hear the clatter over your head and not see the gray walls of neighboring buildings in the window!

Modern settlements are now growing at an incredible rate. They can be bought as a ready cottage, and land for the construction of their own house. On how to choose this site correctly, read on.


Many do not want to go far from the city, so it's convenient to go to work or shopping. Choosing a site in 3-5 km from the sleeping areas, think: will not a new building begin to grow in a decade or so next to you? Surely you do not want to live in the sight of the inhabitants of the upper floors. And maybe you'll even have to sell a newly built house to make room for the construction of a new district.

Even before the very first stages of construction, it is better to learn about the planned expansion of the city or to choose a site more remote. If you have a car, then a 15-20 minute journey to the city should not be a problem, but you will be guaranteed to live in the fresh air and not come across the above problem


On the kinds opening from a site, quite often the separate accent at sale is done. Especially this applies to sites in hilly terrain. Of course, this is very good, when from the window you can see the meadows and the river flowing below, but the construction on the hillside can hit hard on the pocket. Everything depends on the slope of the surface. If it is small, the cost of leveling the foundation will not be too high. But if the height difference is a meter or more, it is more logical to make a ground floor, which greatly affects the value of the future house.

A similar problem awaits those who wish to acquire a house on the shore of a lake or a river. But in this case it is necessary to struggle with the looseness of the soil and seasonal changes in the water level

Size of the plot

This factor is highly desirable to take into account when choosing a place for construction. And at this stage you should have at least a minimal idea of what is on your site should be located. If in addition to the house a garage and a garden are planned, see that there is a distance between the house and the land for planting. Pay attention to the width of the site, because now, at an attractive price, there are options for selling a physical house that is physically impossible to accommodate. In this case, you have to buy two adjacent areas at once.


This issue is especially relevant for those who buy a site not in a small village, but in a newly built holiday village. It is necessary to know as soon as possible about the possibility of communicating to your site and about their full list. This should be done not by the seller, but by the local authorities. If you connect to the communications of a residential village or village fairly simply, then in new, not yet fully built up settlements, you may have to pay for a part of the work on laying the water supply, sewerage and electrical network.

Rose of Wind

Wind rose is a special diagram showing the usual wind direction in a given region. It would seem, how does the wind affect construction? Everything is very simple. If the settlement is located near the industrial zone, plant or cattle complex, it can easily turn out that you simply will not want to open the windows of your new home. It will be very insulting to live in nature and not breathe fresh air.

Be Realistic

When you are going to buy a plot, do not hurry. Try to think through all aspects of life in each of the options. It is better once to check everything carefully, choosing a place for construction, and even in some way overpay, but to build a house "for ages", where it will be pleasant and comfortable for you and your descendants to live.

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