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Chicory soluble: useful properties and contraindications

To begin with, chicory is a grass with soft blue flowers. It brings a lot of hassle to amateur gardeners, because it belongs to the category of weeds. However, it is very important for a modern person to know about the useful properties and harm of chicory, because it is used to make a drink that has come to taste to many. Some people drink it in the morning instead of a cup of familiar black coffee. Soluble chicory gives exactly the same invigorating feeling, but it is absolutely harmless to the cardiovascular system. Is it really?

Chicory soluble is recommended for those people who drink normal black coffee is prohibited. For them, this is often the only possible option. Drink from chicory is made from a medicinal plant. And if you add a little sugar and cream (any fat content) to it, then it will be difficult to distinguish it from coffee. Such a drink is much more useful than coffee.

Chicory soluble has a diuretic effect. This is very useful for removing harmful substances (toxins, slags) from the body. If a person is sick, then he should not drink hot tea with lemon, and chicory, which in a short time will be able to cope with the infection. Chicory soluble contains inulin. This substance normalizes the work of the digestive tract. With regular use of the drink, the blood sugar level decreases, which helps to reduce body weight. Therefore, you can drink chicory to people who have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.

Useful properties of such a drink can be listed for a very long time. Citizens who carefully monitor their health are also interested in chicory soluble contraindications. It can not be used categorically when:

  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Expanded veins (varicose veins).
  • Diseases of the vascular system.

From the use of soluble chicory should be abandoned to those who have gastritis, disorders of the central nervous system, mental disorder, duodenal ulcer and problems with the work of the digestive tract. To people with excess weight this drink, unfortunately, will not bring benefit. It is not recommended for people with different degrees of obesity.

Chicory soluble is present in many potent drugs and stimulants, prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the spleen, gall bladder and liver. Chicory can not be used by those who are undergoing treatment with such medications.

Use chicory juice also stands with extreme caution. The same applies to broths prepared from the roots and colors of this plant. They can not be taken with juvenile diathesis, rashes on the skin and purulent wounds. No self-treatment. Be sure to consider all the contra-indications of chicory, especially if you are going to give this drink to your children.

To prepare a fragrant and invigorating drink, use the ground chicory root. It contains organic acids, pectin, tannins, carotene, calcium and vitamins belonging to group B. In addition, the root of chicory is 60% composed of a substance such as insulin.

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