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Chicken Liver in the Multivariate: The Best Cooking Recipes

Chicken liver, although it refers to offal, is a very tasty and healthy food for children and adult health. It contains a large amount of iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins and other microelements. Chicken liver is especially useful in various types of anemia and is actively used for dietary nutrition.

Multivarka is a unique and irreplaceable assistant in the kitchen, as the food cooked in it maximally preserves all its useful properties. The taste qualities of such food are almost incomparable. A cooked chicken liver in a multivark is a great dinner option for the whole family. In addition, it is an extremely fascinating process where you can give vent to your imagination, and the multivariate will fulfill all your desires.

Chicken liver in a multivariate is prepared according to different recipes. Distinguishes them from each other all kinds of additives that give the prepared dish this or that flavor. The by-product is prepared as usual, namely: it is washed out and cleaned of the film. Chicken liver in the multivark, the recipes of which are presented below, always turns out delicate and tasty. In summer, it's time to experiment with the addition of any vegetables, in winter you can restrict to year-round carrots and potatoes.

The most common recipe for chicken liver in a multivark is cooking it in a creamy sauce. The ideal side dish in this case will be carbohydrate dishes (potatoes, cereals). One kilogram of fresh chicken liver will require low-fat cream (200 grams), flour (2 tbsp.), One onion, salt and spices. In the bowl for the multivarker, it is necessary to melt a little butter and in the "Hot" mode to brown the chopped onion and chopped liver. Once all the components have a golden color, fill them with a mixture of flour, cream, salt and spices. After fulfilling all the conditions, we set the "Quenching" mode for 40 minutes with the lid closed.

Chicken liver in a multivark can be prepared in tomato sauce. To do this, it must be prepared and cut, and then pre-fried, along with chopped onions and grated carrots. Tomatoes are separately cut into small cubes, after which everything is mixed in a bowl for a multivark. Cooking is recommended in the "Quenching" mode for an hour with the lid closed.

If there is absolutely no time, you can quickly cook chicken liver according to the following recipe. In the bowl pour a little olive oil, add a piece of creamy, close the lid and turn on the "Heating" mode. At this time, quickly cut the small cubes of liver, onions in large half rings, transfer the products into a bowl with preheated oil, turn on the "Hot" mode and, stirring, fry until the color changes in the liver. Then season with spices, salt, add mustard powder (1 tablespoon), 150 ml of warm milk and a couple of spoons of sour cream. Mix all the ingredients, click on the button "Multiprofile", set the temperature 120 degrees, and time - 3 minutes.

Chicken liver in a multivark can be prepared with a wide variety of seasonings and spices. If you can not find a recipe for the soul, create your own. Do not be afraid to fantasize, if a dish is prepared with desire and love, it always turns out delicious and successful, and the multivarker will gladly facilitate the task.

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