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Chartreuse - cat unpretentious and calm

Pet lovers note that the independence inherent in all individuals of this family to some extent, is embodied in the representatives of the Chartreuse breed. A cat is really with a character, loves loneliness, ideally suits the hosts-introverts. The animal is very calm, loves to lie in silence, not bothering anyone. Good get along with other pets in the house, as well as with children.

With regard to the origin of the breed, opinions differ. The fact that it originated in France, no doubt. But the question is, in honor of what it got its name, there is no single answer. In this country the breed was recognized in the 19th century. Some believe that cats were named after the city of the same name, while others are inclined to the version that they are so named after the monastery, where they began to breed. There is a version that it was in Syria and Iran that the ancestors of the Chartreuse breed were born.

The cat has a medium size, a very muscular and dense body. This is especially noticeable in males. A characteristic feature of animals of this breed is the "smile", which is formed due to the standard structure of the muzzle. The wool of Chartreuse is short and very thick. Its color is only gray, without any impurities. During moult, wool must be combed. This happens quite often and abundantly. To facilitate the life of the owners will help special salons, where the wool is processed with special compounds, then comb out everything, even small hairs. The eye color is interesting: in kittens it is blue, with adulthood turning into gray, and the final one is yellow. The average weight of Chartreuse is 5-7 kg. Strong, strong and squat animal - Chartreuse. A cat, the photo of which is in the article, is more like a wild beast than a pet.

The paws of the animal are short and massive, the neck is short and thick, the tail is medium, tapering to the end. Ears are of medium size, high-ranking.

Chartreux is very smart, but it's a mistake to assume that they can fulfill the commands of the master. With a cat you need to be able to make friends, without trying to subordinate it to yourself. Otherwise, you can constantly detect unpleasant "surprises" in the house in the form of torn furniture upholstery, a broken vase or damaged wallpaper.

Although the animal has excellent health, it can still have typical diseases. This dysplasia of the hip joint, leading to lameness, and tooth lesions.

Quite unpretentious in the maintenance of animals are the breed Chartreuse. A cat consumes any home food as a meal: cereals, soups, boiled fish and meat. If you use dry food, then you need to make an optimal menu, so that the animal receives a larger set of nutrients. For example, include in the diet of boiled vegetables.

A Cat of the Chartreuse breed is a born hunter. Keep this in mind if there are birds, hamsters or fish in the house. Here it is necessary to choose: either to get another breed, or to give former pets to friends. The peculiarity of these animals is that they rarely mew, but very often they purr.

Quite expensive will cost the owners Chartreuse. A cat, the price of which is several hundred dollars, is truly an expensive animal.

A domestic pet of this breed is universal: it can be kept in an apartment, or it is possible in a house outside the city, where it will protect the dwelling from the attacks of rodents.

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