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Solarium: reviews, cautions, skin care

The solarium is a great way to support a sunburn obtained in the summer or to get a wonderful golden hue of the skin even in winter. If you are determined to visit a solarium, feedback on it must be read. You can learn a lot of new and interesting, not only good, but also bad. Very often it turns out that the employees of the solarium do not know how to communicate politely with clients. Also, a problem may arise that the solarium does not work regularly and does not correspond to its official schedule at all. If you have chosen a good solarium, then you will receive grateful reviews of happy customers, information about polite staff, new lamps and excellent tanning.

Tips for care in the solarium

Often people write reviews on the solarium, without thinking that some element of caution and caring for themselves should come from them, and not just from the institution. First of all, you need to consult a dermatologist, so that he can determine the type of your skin, what kind of stress you can give to it on the ultraviolet rays, etc. The light skin tans badly, at first the procedure in a sun deck should last even less than 5 minutes. In no case can you overdo it, it will only hurt your skin, make it thin and dry. Very sensitive areas of the body must be covered, long hair should be picked up and tied with a kerchief so that they do not burn out. The lips are smeared with a special balm, and in the presence of pigment spots they also need to be processed so that they do not increase anymore.

Skin cancer

Negotiating in a negative context a solarium, reviews mainly refer to skin cancer - melanoma. There is a golden rule: not everything is good, which is excessive. To persons under 18 years of age, the solarium is better not to visit at all, by the way, in some countries this moment is strictly controlled. The duration of the session also needs to be increased gradually, given the type of skin. Particular attention should be paid to birthmarks on the body, in particular on the back and legs, where melanoma develops most often. If the mole, already large, began to grow rapidly, has an uneven shape and uneven color - immediately go to the doctor. And in general, such birthmarks should be checked regularly, especially if you have damaged them, and they bleed.

Cosmetics for sunburn in the solarium

Cosmetologists have ensured that we not only get a beautiful and even tan, but also protect our skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Do you want to know what is better to use when you visit the solarium? Feedback from experienced people will help you decide the choice. To tan was uniform, the body must first be treated with a scrub that will remove dead cells. Directly to improve tanning, people with light skin need to use developers. When the desired skin tone is already visible to make it more saturated, tanning activators are used. The final result can be sustained by fixatives. After the solarium you need to take a cool shower and moisturize the skin.

So, if you want a safe tan, prepare for a hike in the solarium.

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