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Unix Pressotherapy Units

Unix pressotherapy machines are a series of medical devices that exert a stimulating mechanical effect on the body tissues by injecting air into specially designed cuffs. During the pressotherapy procedure, an intensive outflow of lymph and its circulation throughout the body, which provides a comprehensive therapeutic effect.

Strong> In what cases do the pressotherapy apparatus Unix

Regular use of Unix pressotherapy machines can permanently rid the person of manifestations of cellulite, prevent the development of varicose veins and obesity, make the figure more slender, smart and beautiful. These devices effectively combat stagnant phenomena, "accelerating" the intercellular fluid - lymph, the excessive amount of which can cause many diseases. First of all, this appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits.

Using Unix pressotherapy machines, in addition to cellulite, you can forever get rid of:

• chronic varicose veins;
• Postoperative edema;
• manifestations of venous thrombosis;
• fluid accumulation of various etiologies.

How is the procedure carried out?

When carrying out pressotherapy, the body and limbs of a person are dressed in a special sealed suit. It injects a jet of air, which has a wave-like effect on the patient's body, which provides a powerful lymph-drainage effect, which helps to accelerate metabolism.

In addition to the healing effect, pressotherapy sessions also have a relaxing effect. During the procedure, the patient feels full comfort, and at the end of it feels absolute relaxation, lightness and pleasant warmth throughout the body.

Strong> Advantages of the equipment

Apparatuses of pressotherapy Unix are produced by highly qualified specialists of South Korea and in comparison with similar devices have a number of undeniable advantages that increases their competitiveness and popularity. Advantages of the apparatus are:

• Low noise level;
• the optimum level of pressure;
• compactness;
• the presence of LED-screen, with which you can monitor the operation of the device;
• Convenience of transportation thanks to a special handle;
• modern design.

If you care about your health and beauty, you want to have a beautiful figure and clean skin, pressotherapy procedures using Unix machines are just what you need. After several sessions you will feel a surge of strength and emotional recovery.

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