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White tattoos - a new fashion trend

The art of tattooing has very ancient roots, because the drawings on the skin of some peoples are an important tradition. In the modern world, tattoos are often used as decorations. Drawing can be done in different colors, but white tattoos are considered very original. And although such "jewelry" appeared relatively recently, they are already very popular.

Why are white tattoos so popular?

The popularity of white tattoos can be explained by many reasons. For example, ordinary drawings, which are applied in blue or black ink, may look too bright and even defiant. At the same time, white tattoos are not so noticeable on the skin, so they are perceived as something stylish, but in no way vulgar.

There is one more reason. When you enter the usual black ink in the inner layers of the skin around the pigment, a kind of capsule forms, which does not let out ultraviolet rays. And if you look at such a picture from the side, then the tattoo, and sometimes all surrounding skin areas, acquire a characteristic blue hue. But white tattoos are completely devoid of such a shortcoming - they look bright and bright at any angle.

And, of course, white tattoos for today are something new, fashionable and original. They are suitable for decorating both female and male body.

White tattoos: how are they made?

In fact, the technique of drawing remains the same - a special white pigment is injected under the skin with a needle. Only the white paint master, as a rule, is introduced into deeper layers.

White tattoos look particularly impressive on a swarthy or tanned skin. But on the skin of a pale shade the picture can go out and not at all noticeable. Therefore, before the procedure, be sure to talk with the master and ask about how the tattoo will look on your body and whether it makes sense to use white paints.

As for the patterns, then with the help of white ink you can make almost any drawing. Girls often choose gentle flowers and bizarre patterns, while men prefer patterns with even and strict shapes. Especially popular are inscriptions made in fanciful fonts.

A white tattoo can be applied to almost any part of the body. Especially often, customers prefer drawings on the shoulder, collarbone, back of the neck, chest, back, calves and hips. In addition, black and white tattoos are popular. After all, white color becomes brighter and more expressive, and the black part of the picture acquires clear contours.

White tattoos: what you need to know?

For starters it is worth mentioning that the period of skin regeneration lasts a little longer than when applying traditional tattoo. After all, as already mentioned, the pigment is introduced into the deeper layers of the skin.

A very significant disadvantage of white tattoos is their fragility. The fact is that over time they turn yellow and lose the outline. After all, the color of the pigment gradually overlaps with a natural shade of the skin. Therefore, the picture should be refreshed from time to time. Ask the wizard how often you will need to do a tattoo correction.

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