Cadillac Escalade is amazing

Description and history of the model

Let's talk about the legendary car that was created in the city of Arlington, this is America, Texas. At the very end of the last century, in his last year, the first Cadillac Escalade was released. It is similar to Yukon Denali, manufactured by GMC. However, the car could not compete with Lincoln Navigato. We should pay tribute to the designers of General Motors, they tried, designing a car, to create a worthy response to other American and European creators of "iron horses" in this class. After the disastrous release of the first model of the SUV, the designers, after 2 years, tried to improve the car. At them it has left, gradually, Cadillac updated became more and more popular in the market. Buyers loved the car for the beautiful leather armchairs with the logo of GM. A good acoustic system and shock absorbers and a number of innovations were installed. Since then, the machine is constantly updated and is selling successfully in our days.

The Cadillac of Escalade 2015

The latest luxury car model is available in black and white. The evocative, aggressive design of the Escaleid of 2015 is striking. SUV is higher than the height of a person, its oblong headlights perfectly match with a special grille. In general, the car has smoother body lines. The salon is full of fine leather, products made of expensive wood, plastic. Cadillac Escalade has a unique appearance and unmistakable comfort. The newest giant from the United States has a suspension with a "mind" that adapts to road conditions. Powerful, 409 horsepower, the engine is able to betray the SUV quality sports car. The machine is equipped with 22-inch wheels. This gives her not only a beautiful appearance, but also the ability to move comfortably on roads with any coating. With the fact that the new Cadillac Escalade is equipped with a central airbag, which is capable of completely locking the driver at the time of the accident.

One of the symbols of the American dream

Since the foundation of the legendary brand, not few years have passed. Until recently, the Cadillac Escalade perfectly follows the high standards. He saved the status of a comfortable and not cheap car. Such a car is always in demand, despite its cost. Cadillac is constantly updated, gets all the new versions more advanced. On any roads a luxury SUV is very popular, many traffic participants turn around to admire the wonderful creation of the real masters of their business from the company General Motors.

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