Bearing of rear hub on VAZ-2108: dimensions

A wheel bearing ensures even rotation of the wheel around its own axis. Of all the elements of the running gear of the car, he first meets and distributes impact loads, so the main requirements for this part are strength and durability.

. In this article, we'll talk about what the rear hub bearing on the VAZ-2108 is . We will consider the design of this device, the dimensions, and also we will understand the process of its replacement.

Design Features

The rear hubs of the G-8 are equipped with closed radial ball bearings. Each of them has two rows of balls. This makes the design as stable as possible to loads, and also allows them to be distributed with the greatest efficiency.

The bearing of the rear hub VAZ-2108 is made of heavy-duty steel. Its resource, claimed by the manufacturer, is 90-120 thousand km. By the way, these are not empty statements. Strangely enough, but stupid bearings of VAZs "go" really very long and with proper operation can serve twice as long as the declared kilometer.

Main characteristics and varieties

выпускается под каталожным номером 256706. Он имеет следующие технические характеристики: The bearing of the rear hub on the VAZ-2108 is produced under the catalog number 256706. It has the following technical characteristics:

  • Weight, g - 400;
  • Number of balls, pcs. - 28;
  • Diameter of the ball, mm - 9.525;
  • Static load-carrying capacity, KH - 25,9;
  • Dynamic load-carrying capacity, KH - 30,1;
  • Nominal speed of rotation, rpm - 6500.

The bearing number of the rear hub VAZ-2108 can be different. If the store offers you a product labeled 537906 - do not be surprised. This is a bearing of increased carrying capacity. Some of its characteristics differ from the characteristics of the standard spare parts:

  • Weight, g - 511;
  • Static load-carrying capacity, KH - 90.1;
  • Dynamic load-carrying capacity, KH - 64,8;
  • Nominal speed of rotation, rpm - 5000.

As you can see, the reinforced rear hub bearing on VAZ-2108 has increased resistance to loads. But the frequency of its rotation should not exceed 5 thousand rpm. Such products, if properly operated, can freely "walk" up to two hundred thousand kilometers.

Bearing rear hub VAZ-2108: dimensions

As for the size of the hub bearing, they are the same for both modifications:

  • Outer diameter, mm - 60;
  • Inner diameter, mm - 30;
  • Width, mm - 37.

If you are offered a bearing of the rear hub VAZ-2108, the dimensions of which do not correspond to those indicated, it is better to refuse this purchase. All the above parameters are provided in GOST 520-2002. Foreign analogues spare parts are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 15: 1998 and have the same dimensions.

How to understand that the wheel bearing must change

может заявлять о своей неисправности: The failed VAZ-2108 rear hub bearing can claim its malfunction:

  • The appearance of a characteristic buzz from the side of the wheel;
  • Uneven wheel rotation;
  • Backlash formation.

Noticing that from the side of one or both rear wheels comes a rumble, hurry to diagnose hub bearings. You can do it right in your garage. Just hoist the rear wheel and turn it by hand. It should rotate smoothly and evenly, without making any sounds. Next, grasp it with both hands and try to sway it from side to side in a horizontal direction. If the wheel rotates unevenly, and when it loosens, there is a gap, prepare for repair.

Features of choice

, обратите внимание на производителя. Buying the rear hub bearing on VAZ-2108 , pay attention to the manufacturer. At present, more or less high-quality domestic parts are produced by such enterprises:

  • SPZ (Saratov Bearing Plant);
  • SPZ-4 (Samara);
  • VBF (GPP-23 in Vologda);
  • GPZ-20 (Kursk).

It is believed that the best domestic manufacturer of bearings is the Saratov plant. His products are very reliable, but not very expensive. производства SPZ стоит в пределах 400-450 рублей. So, the bearing of the rear hub on VAZ-2108 produced by SPZ is in the range of 400-450 rubles.

VBF products are also highly reliable, and are slightly cheaper. The bearings of SPZ-4 and GPZ-20 are designed for those who are accustomed to saving spare parts. Their cost is even less, but here the quality leaves much to be desired.

On sale there are imported analogues. They cost, of course, expensive, but their quality does not cause any doubt. , произведенный в Швеции, стоит порядка 900 рублей. For example, the rear hub bearing SKF VAZ 2108 , produced in Sweden, costs about 900 rubles. Approximately the same amount will cost the Japanese analogue - NSK.

What will be required from the tools

Before you start repair work, make sure that you have the necessary tools and tools:

  • Wheel chocks;
  • jack;
  • A key for wheel bolts;
  • Chisel (core);
  • Any object to fix the position of the body of the car when jacking (stump, several bricks or other);
  • a hammer;
  • Spacer made of wood (bar);
  • Head on "30" with an elongated handle;
  • The key to "7";
  • Vise;
  • Pipe section for the outer diameter of the bearing;
  • Long nippers;
  • Special puller for the hub;
  • Special pliers for locking rings;
  • Liquid against rust.

, замените также и ступичную гайку. If you decide to change the bearing of the rear wheel hub to VAZ-2108 , replace the hub nut as well. At least so recommends the car manufacturer. The fact is that the nut has a special edge, which is bent during installation and is lost during disassembly.

We change the rear wheel bearing with our own hands

производится в следующем порядке: Replacement of the rear hub bearing VAZ-2108 is performed in the following order:

  1. We install the machine on a flat surface, fix the front wheels, inserting under them the chocks.
  2. Remove the cap that covers the hub nut.
  3. Chisel (core) bend the bent edge of the hub nut so that it does not interfere with its unscrewing.
  4. With the help of a head on "30" with an elongated handle, turn off the nut. If it does not lend itself, we process the threaded connection with liquid from rust.
  5. After unscrewing the nut, loosen (not to the end) the wheel bolts.
  6. Lift the body jack, fix its position with the help of hemp (bricks), turn off the wheel bolts. We dismantle the wheel.
  7. With the key on the "7" unscrew the guide bolts on the drum (2 pcs.).
  8. We remove the drum. If it is not removed, we process the place where it is placed on the ledge of the hub, the liquid for the control of rust, and then we shoot down with a hammer and a spacer made of wood.
  9. Now completely unscrew the hub nut.
  10. Using a special puller, dismount the hub, grasping it with "paws" and rotating the nut. In case you do not have such an adaptation, take the removed wheel and screw it to the hub by the back side. Use the wheel as a lever.
  11. Remove the hub from the trunnion.
  12. Using long-nose pliers or special tongs, remove the bearing retainer ring.
  13. Put the hub on the vise and using a hammer and a piece of pipe, carefully knock out the bearing.
  14. When the bearing is knocked out, lubricate the inner surface of the hub with grease.
  15. We install a new bearing without removing the hub from the vice.
  16. From above on the bearing we put a wooden spacer and, hitting it with a hammer, we hammer the part into the hub until it stops.
  17. We put the circlip into place.
  18. We put on the hub with the new bearing on the trunnion. If she sits down tight, help her sit with a hammer and spacer.
  19. Screw on the new nut of the hub. Tighten it to the stop. The hub must still move inside.
  20. Install the brake drum, fix it with the guide bolts.
  21. Mount the wheel.
  22. We remove the jack, tighten the hub nut completely. If there is a torque wrench, observe the tightening torque (186.3-225.6 Nm).
  23. Bend the edge of the nut, fixing its position.
  24. We put a cap on the nut.
  25. We jack up the body, check how the wheel rotates and there is no backlash. It is also recommended to check the operation of the parking brake.

Some practical advice

  1. For a wheel bearing to last as long as possible, avoid an uneven road, do not brake directly on bumps or pits.
  2. Check the condition of the bearing at least once every three months.
  3. If you notice signs of bearing failure on the road, do not worry. Even if it is out of order, you will still reach the house or the nearest service station. And nothing will happen to him.

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