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Building specialties and their types

Who will build a college for? Specialties offered in such an educational institution are associated with the repair of structures and the erection of structures. Let's analyze the main directions, which offer training in specialized institutions of the middle level.


In the modern labor market, workers in construction specialties are needed. That is why in the system of vocational education special attention is paid to training graduates in professions related to the construction industry. At the construction site, work will not begin until an architectural design has been created, approved, and demonstrated . Where can I get the profession of an architect?


Not everyone knows that the training of such a profession is offered not only by the institute, but also by the construction technical school. Specialties associated with the development of new construction sites, here you can get on the basis of a nine-year education.

Crane control

Other colleges are offered in colleges and technical schools. For example, you can get a profession related to the operation of road, construction, hoisting and transport machines and specialized equipment. The duties will include maintenance, adjustment, repair of these mechanisms, their operation on construction sites in different weather conditions. A graduate of a college and technical school can receive such building specialties as "technician" or "senior technician". The second specialization is obtained by a graduate who studies the direction at an in-depth (profile) level.

Inquired directions

Construction specialties, which can be obtained after graduating from a technical school or college, are in demand on the domestic labor market. Among them there are several most topical areas:

  • Operation and construction of structures and buildings;
  • Construction and operation of roads;
  • Land and property relations;
  • Operation of construction machinery and handling equipment.

Features of the choice of educational institution

Building specialties are still relevant, their owners easily find work. But how to choose the right college or technical school to become a competent young specialist? Almost all construction colleges employ teachers who have vast practical experience in construction. They pass on their experience to those children who have chosen the construction industry as their future profession. Particular attention is paid to educational work, extra-curricular activities.

Laboratories and workshops of building materials in modern secondary schools are equipped with innovations in mind. Before submitting documents, carefully study the vacancies of building specialties, analyze the most popular areas. Meet the feedback of graduates of those construction technical schools, in which you panier to apply for training. At present, many construction colleges conclude contracts with large profile companies, which will help them to find jobs after graduation.

Construction colleges of the capital region

Among the many educational institutions associated with the construction industry, we note:

  • Building college №41.
  • College of Urban Development and Entrepreneurship.
  • Industrial College.

Requirements for entrants

In order to become a student of the Russian construction college or technical school, you must have a diploma about the end of the nine-year education. Among the requirements for future students in the Moscow building schools of the middle level is the compulsory surrender in the form of final attestation of mathematics and the Russian language at the end of the secondary school. Given that these items are mandatory for obtaining a certificate, no additional burden appears.

Specialty "architecture" involves passing an additional exam in the direction of "drawing". The entrant must have the skills of reading technical drawings, tables. Among the distinctive qualities, without which the qualitative work of construction specialties is impossible, assiduity, logical thinking lead. In some colleges, additional tests are introduced, you can find out about them in the admissions office of a particular educational institution.

Educational content

In addition to the disciplines that are taught to all students who study on the basis of nine years of education, future engineers and architects in engineering colleges will have to study technical mechanics, engineering graphics, building structures, pumping and boiler facilities, electronics and electrical engineering, the fundamentals of geodesy and geology.

Within the walls of specialized construction colleges and technical schools students get acquainted with the basics of the economy, information and innovative construction technologies. It is necessary to familiarize potential builders with the rules of technical operation of structures and buildings, engineering networks, design and estimate documentation.

Students get acquainted with special building rules and norms, which are a "bible" for members of this profession. During the training in a college or technical school, the children should receive the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to carry out painting, facing, carpentry, plastering works.

Modern builders use innovative computer technologies in their work, so it is so important to become a good PC user. Currently, there are many programs that make it much easier to work on a sketch of the future structure, improving the quality of the finished project.

As a final exam in any building educational institution of middle level, the children are invited to present their own project, in which the graduate demonstrates his engineering and architectural abilities.

Those guys who will demonstrate the high-quality examining commission can think about continuing education in the construction industry. After graduating from college or technical school, they can submit documents to higher educational institutions of construction subjects.


Graduates of the main school who decided to link their future life with building specialties make an informed choice. They perfectly understand that their quality will depend on the quality of the industrial facilities and dwelling houses being built, therefore, they are responsible for the safety and health of people.

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