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Directed by Grigory of Constantinople: biography, career, films

In our material, let's talk about the artist Gregory of Constantinople. How did his career start in the cinema? What films of the author deserve attention? What awards and awards are there on the director's account? About all this later in our article.

early years

The Constantinople Gregory Mikhailovich was born on January 29, 1964 in the city of Moscow. The parents of the future artist were engaged in teaching activities. From an early age, the boy began to show creative talents. Therefore, after graduation, the parents decided to send the guy to study at the Yaroslavl Theater Institute. Here the young man comprehended the scenic skill in the workshop of SV Rozov.

Prestigious educational institution Grigory Constantinople successfully graduated in 1985. Then our hero decided to continue his studies, enrolled in the acting courses of directors and scriptwriters, who acted in the organization of the State Committee for the USSR. It was here that he became a professional producer of motion pictures.

Starting a career

In 1992, Grigory of Constantinople decided to start directing music videos. The debut work of the author in show business is the shooting of a video for the group Pep-See for the song "Vovochka". Then our hero was followed by cooperation with Alla Pugacheva and the team "Time Out". One of the most successful works of Grigory of Constantinople at the start of his career was shooting a clip for the song "Do not sag under a changeable world" for the cult Russian group "Time Machine".

Since 1996, the director has switched to composer activity. In collaboration with the "Untouchable" and "Moral Code" groups, he is working on creating several music albums.

Debut films

Debut of Gregory of Constantinople in the big cinema took place in 1999. At this time on the wide screens came the first film directed by "Eight and a half dollars". The main roles in the film were invited to such famous Russian artists as Fyodor Bondarchuk, Ivan Okhlobystin and Natalia Andreichenko. The tape successfully started at the box office and was very popular among the audience. Despite this, later Constantinople did not release new films for a long time.

The second full-length picture of the director was released only in 2009. It was a comedy tape "Cat" with Viktor Sukhorukov, Alexander Strizhenov and Mikhail Efremov in the lead roles. The film was divided into separate episodes, each of which told its own, original story. The connection between the actors of the tape is established only in the very finale. It is worth noting that in the course of working on the creation of the picture, Constantinople tried on the role not only of the director, but also of the producer and script writer.

Surprisingly, the comedy "Kitty" was fully filmed for a little more than three months. At the same time, the cost of creating the picture was only $ 100,000. Nevertheless, this did not prevent the band from receiving a whole series of prestigious awards, in particular, the Silver Rook Award and the prize of the Guild of Film Critics and Film Critics.

Career Actor

In 1990, Grigory of Constantinople tried himself as an actor. The debut work for a young artist in this field was the role of a student in the Soviet film Anna Karamazoff, directed by Rustam Khamdamov. The premiere of the arthaus tape took place at the Cannes Film Festival in 1991. However, the film "Anna Karamazoff" and was not destined to go on wide screens in the USSR. The reason was the conflict between the producer and the director of the tape.

The second actor's work of Grigory Mikhaylovich was the dramatic film directed by Alexander Khvan under the name "Duba-dyuba". In the painting, where Constantinople plays a character named Victor, the theme of the uneasy life of Soviet citizens in the period of the collapse of the USSR is revealed. It is noteworthy that, like the debut work of our hero as an actor, the film also appeared in the rotation of the Cannes Film Festival, but it did not have success in the domestic box office.

The last work of the director

Among the most recent creations of Constantinople as a director is worth noting the work on the creation of a four-series television project "Drunken Firm". The comedy film, in which Mikhail Efremov, Ivan Makarevich, Marat Basharov and a whole galaxy of rather famous actors were shot, appeared on screens in 2016.

The tape tells about the fate of the former doctor Gregory Stutchny, who has to work as a security guard in the hospital. The main character suffers from a severe form of alcoholism. For this reason, he develops a drug that removes a strong hangover, and is also able to get out of the binge. Soon, the creation of a miracle cure turns for Stuschny into a real business. In this Gregory helps his young companion named Ilya. As the plot develops, the central characters of the film involve themselves in a whole cycle of funny stories and incredible adventures.

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