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What should I bring with me to the hospital?

The average pregnancy lasts forty weeks, but it is not considered a deviation from the norm and the birth of a child on the thirty-eighth week. Today, as practice shows, most mothers do not go to the hospital a few days before the alleged day of childbirth, which was set by the doctor. Future mothers go to the hospital, already feeling the fights. Therefore, somewhere at the time of thirty-five weeks, think about what to take with you to the hospital and collect the necessary things. Let the bag be ready.

So, let's think about what to take to the hospital. Remember that things should be most needed. You can interview girlfriends who already have kids, about what to take with them to the hospital. Ask what they lacked. Make a list of things for the hospital. Start with what you need directly.

  1. Nightgown - a spacious, comfortable, made of natural fabric (cotton, linen), which is fastened in front.
  2. One robe. Doctors do not recommend buying new expensive things for the maternity home. This is because, firstly, you will soon lose weight, and the size will not be approached. Secondly - understand that clothes there will be dirty.
  3. Comfortable soft slippers, which will be comfortable for your feet. They should be such that the legs do not sweat.
  4. To visit the bathroom and shower, take rubber slippers or slates.
  5. Socks. Depending on the season, choose light cotton or warm socks.
  6. Underwear - it's comfortable panties made of natural fabric (for now forget about thongs) - five to six pairs, and special bras for feeding. It is better to take two.
  7. Two sets of bed linen. Often in the hospital gives out their spare lingerie, so in order not to carry excess, ask your doctor if you need to take it.
  8. Special pads made of cotton. They can be sold in the pharmacy, but some make them themselves from cloth and gauze. Such hygiene items will be needed on the first day after delivery, so that the doctor can monitor the nature of the discharge. In some maternity hospitals such sterile pads are given to women in labor, therefore, again, ask the doctor if it is worth taking them. Then you will be allowed to use ordinary female pads. Take them, too, but relatives will bring you such gaskets as necessary. It is better to take the maximum size gaskets, which are securely attached and have a woven surface.
  9. Lining in the bra. You may not have guessed that they exist at all - they are round pads to protect the bra and clothes from getting milk on them. You will need it from the third day after delivery.
  10. What you need always and everywhere - soap, toothpaste and a brush, shampoo, face cream, deodorant, toilet paper, etc.
  11. Two or three towels for hands and body.
  12. Minimal set of cosmetics, hair clip or hair band, comb.
  13. A plate and a mug, a dining room and a teaspoon.
  14. Several disposable towels and a few pairs of gloves to visit the gynecologist.
  15. Pen and notebook. It is better to write down the doctor's advice on taking care of the baby in the first days after the hospital.
  16. Passport and other documents.
  17. Nipple cream that promotes healing of cracks.
  18. Polyethylene bags, in which you can put dirty laundry, etc.
  19. Charger for phone.

And now - about a more pleasant stage of collection. What should I bring with me to the hospital for my baby?

  1. Packing of diapers of the smallest size.
  2. Several hats for newborns.
  3. 3-4 light ryoshonki and the same number of flannel; Sliders - again - light and flashing; Diapers - on the same principle.
  4. Towel.
  5. Baby soap, you can - liquid.
  6. A bottle of water for baby food.
  7. Thermometer.
  8. Vata or cotton wool - for hygienic procedures.
  9. Clarify - you may need a baby blanket.
  10. Prepare a vegetable oil - take the usual refined and sterilize it in a water bath. Doctors say that for such oil, children do not have allergies.
  11. A special silicone spoon - if you need to give your baby water or medicine.

In the third trimester with a planned visit to the doctor, specify the features of the hospital where you are going. Ask what to take with you to the hospital. Perhaps, it provides for the delivery of shirts and dressing gowns to all women in childbirth. In some maternity hospitals forbidden to bring many of their things.

Try to put things together so that yours lie in one package, and everything for the baby in the other. Then the doctor or nurse will be easier to navigate. Do not worry if you forget something. Firstly, there is always a way out in the maternity home, and secondly - the relatives will bring what is missing. This applies to your clothes for returning home, and an envelope for the child.

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