Black Sea: recreation centers and boarding houses

Recreation bases on the Black Sea enjoy unprecedented popularity in the warm period (from mid-May to September). Here comes a huge flow of tourists from different countries. So, which recreation centers and boarding houses are the most popular? Where are the best conditions provided?

"Friendly shore" (Gelendzhik)

Guesthouse "Friendly Beach" in Gelendzhik - one of the most popular among tourists who appreciate rest in good conditions. It is located near a very picturesque bay, beyond which there are mountain peaks covered with dense vegetation.

The average water temperature in summer is around 23 degrees, which allows you to swim daily in comfortable conditions. Water and beaches are clean.

The hotel is located in a high 17-storey building on the central promenade. Each room of the "Friendly Beach" offers a magnificent view of the Caucasus landscapes and the sea.

The boarding house has its own pebble beach, which is located on its territory, 50 meters from the building itself. If desired, guests can take water procedures in the pool, which is located on the territory of the boarding house. Near it there is a large sun terrace, where vacationers can sunbathe on comfortable sun loungers.

To the guests of the boarding house there is a lot of entertainment. In particular, in the evenings there are noisy discos, where holidaymakers can entertain under the hits of popular performers.

In the boarding house "Friendly Beach" in Gelendzhik there are all conditions for living with children. Not far from it is located the city water park, where you can go with the whole family.

The cost of living in a boarding house starts from 1990 rubles per night in a single room.

"Friendly shore" is located at: Gelendzhik, Lunacharskogo street, 133.

"Alenka" (Anapa)

An excellent recreation center "Alenka" in Anapa attracts the attention of a considerable number of tourists. This is due to the mass of positive feedback that vacationers leave about her on the Internet. It is located in the village of Dzhemete, which is the district of the city of Anapa.

The number of rooms in the recreation center is located in 2 and 3-storey buildings. Each of the rooms is equipped in such a way that the guests in them were very comfortable to be. They have a standard furniture set and bathrooms. Also in each room there is a modern air-conditioning system, which allows maintaining the optimum air temperature at any time of the year.

"Alenka" is a recreation center on the Black Sea with a sandy beach. The beach is visible from every window of the boarding house. The water here is always warm and clean.

There are many conditions for children on the territory of the complex. In particular, there is a swing set, a playground. Adults remain very satisfied with the availability of arbors in the courtyard of the boarding house. Also here there are tables for rest and BBQ.

The cost of living in the recreation center on the Black Sea "Alenka" is from 800 rubles for a 3-bed room. It should be noted that this is a very democratic indicator. Therefore, the boarding house "Alenka" is often referred to the category of inexpensive recreation centers on the Black Sea.

There is "Alenka" at the address: Anapa, settlement Dzhemete, Pionersky prospect, 70g.


Recreation center "Adler" is located on the Black Sea coast, near the city of the same name. It is an ideal option for resting all family members.

On the territory of "Adler" there is a main building, in which there are rooms, as well as 11 cottages that can be rented for rest by one large company. Here are the numbers of different categories:

  • Double "Standard";
  • Double (superior comfort);
  • Two-room;
  • Three-room two-level.

All of them are provided with the necessary furniture for comfortable living, TV, refrigerator, and dishes. Each room has a private shower room and a bathroom.

"Adler" is a recreation center on the Black Sea, which has its own sandy beach, which is equipped with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas. It can be rented boats, water skis, boats, yachts and some sports equipment. Here you can also do some kinds of active water sports.

The cost of living for a day in this boarding house starts from 1600 rubles.

The recreation center on the Black Sea "Adler" is located at: Adler, with. Merry, street Tsimlyanskaya, 1.

"Orange" (Bzhid)

"Orange" is a recreation center on the Black Sea coast, which is a club hotel. It is located in the village of Bzhid, on the coast of the Blue Bay.

For the attention of the guests there is a large swimming pool, cafes and bars, as well as a children's playground. Here there are all conditions for rest with the kids.

The hotel consists of 36 rooms, which are located in the guest buildings. They are divided into such categories as: "Standard", "Family", "Superior". In addition, there are several cottages that are provided for rent by large companies.

The boarding house has its own well-groomed beach, which is 300 meters from it. On this beach there are showers and toilets, as well as sun loungers and locker rooms.

The cost of living in the territory of such a boarding house starts from 2100 rubles per day. It includes three meals a day on site.

"Orange" is located at the village of Bzhid (Tuapse district), Blue Bay, Gazovikov street, 18a.

Recreation bases on the Black Sea, suitable for families

Often, going on vacation, vacationers try to choose a boarding house or recreation center, based on individual needs. So, if you need to go on holiday with the whole family, accommodation in such boarding houses as Albatros (Arkhipo-Osipovka village), Aqua-Vita (Mostovsky village), Anapa, Anaida (Adler) , "Anapa-Patio", "AnBeranda" (settlement of the Anchor slot), "Arion" (Gelendzhik), "Arfa" (Sochi), "Afalina" (Anapa).

On the territory of each of the listed recreation centers there are all necessary conditions for a comfortable stay with children: swimming pools, highchairs in cafes, animators, entertaining programs for kids. Also nearby are the restaurants and places ideal for families with children (water parks, botanical gardens, zoos, dolphinariums).

Pensions with private beach

Often for holidaymakers great importance is the proximity of the beach and its cleanliness. The best of all boarding houses that have access to the Black Sea are: Barguzin, White Swan (Anapa), White Beach (Dzhemete), Vekar (Sochi), Villa Bonita (Novorossiysk, Durso village ), "Aquarius" (Anapa), "Gamma" (the village of Olginka), "Blue Bay" (Anapa), "Eugene" (Anapa).

The personal beaches of these resorts are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. They are equipped with sun loungers, showers, and locker rooms.

Inexpensive recreation centers

If there is a need for savings, then, in this case, you can do this by choosing a boarding house, the cost of living in which will be low. On the Black Sea coast, good conditions are offered at quite reasonable prices in such boarding houses as Gloria (Sochi, from 560 rubles per day), Albatros (Adler, from 690 rubles), Angela Lantana (Sochi, From 600 rubles.), "Atelika" (Nebug, from 690 rubles.), "Bohemia" (Novomikhailovsky settlement, from 600 rubles.).

Based on the feedback left by the guests of these boarding houses on the Internet, for a low-cost payment they provide a wide range of services, as well as comfortable living conditions.

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