Chicken litter: application as a fertilizer

Chicken manure in its composition and nutrient content is 3 to 4 times richer than cow's. In addition, it has a very long-term effect. Once introduced to the beds, this kind of manure continues its "work" of the order of 2 to 3 years. However, the use of chicken manure for increasing yields differs in its nuances. Consider how to fertilize the beds correctly.

The best and widespread method for gardeners is the use of a dry, rather than a dry, litter. The fact is that the fertilizer is very strong and if the doses are exceeded, as well as using it in fresh form, it can damage plants. Simply put, they can be burned. Chicken manure, the use of which is desirable in a dilute and slightly decomposed form, is covered in a barrel in such a way that its volume is filled no more than a third.

Then wait about 4 days, from time to time stirring the slurry. It is best to cover the container with a polyethylene film. This will reduce the loss of nitrogen and will save the site from an unpleasant smell. Further prepared so chicken litter, the use of which is allowed in not too large doses, is poured into a bucket and diluted with water about 1 to 4. The color of the resulting mixture should be similar to the color of the tea. In the beds, it is paid at a rate of one and a half liters per 1 sq. Km. Square meter. After this procedure, the soil should be immediately spilled with plenty of water.

Chicken manure, the use of which for fertilizing plants preferably twice a year, is a fertilizer that almost instantly causes rapid development of plants, their flowering and fruiting. The first results can be seen in about 2 weeks. However, use it strictly in the above doses. The fact is that the nitrogen entering into it, which is in the form of uric acid, is able to suppress the growth of young plants and seedlings. In addition, decomposing, it is gradually converted into carbonic ammonium, an overabundance of which can lead to the accumulation of nitrates in vegetables.

Particularly useful is the chicken droppings for strawberries. In this case, it is best to introduce it before the appearance of the first leaflets. At later terms of carrying out of top dressing it is necessary to do them as carefully as possible, so that not to fall asleep bushes completely. If this happens, they may die.

Chicken litter, the use of which is allowed only in the form that has been repaired, can also be prepared in another way - by composting. For this purpose, a 30 cm layer of peat is poured onto the ground. Then follows the layer of the litter, then again the peat, etc. The resulting heap to prevent the appearance of a smell is covered from above with polyethylene and covered with earth. After about 1.5 months, the resulting compost will be ready for use.

Feed this type of organic fertilizer not only herbaceous plants, but also fruit trees. To do this, use a solution of fresh or composted chicken manure at a rate of one part per ten parts of water. It is left to be infused for 2 to 3 days, and then watered in the near-stump circle, adding approximately 8 to 10 liters per 1 m2. You need to make such feeding in the beginning or middle of summer.

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