The capital of the UAE Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates is called a country that strikes imagination with its luxury and abundance.

The UAE, whose reviews sound only about the eastern fairy-tale born by a man's hand, are annually received by thousands of tourists who come to see this comparatively young state, which appeared on the world maps in 1971. However, despite such a very short period, it has confidently become the center of the tourism industry.

The UAE, the capital of which is the city of Abu Dhabi, is a country of sheikhs, jewelry stores, the world's best hotels, shopping centers, snow-white sand of the endless beaches, the sun and the blue of the Persian Gulf.

The capital of the UAE, whose name from Arabic sounds like "father of a gazelle", attracts not only tourists, but also shoppers. About the creation of the city an interesting legend is built, telling that hunters-Arabs, pursuing a gazelle, in her tracks came to a fresh, clean source. As a token of gratitude they left the animal alive, and next to the spring they built a city. For many years it was a small village with huts between the sea and the fort, the main means of existence of the inhabitants of which were pearl fishing and fishing. But very soon, oil was discovered nearby, and in just a few dozen years a modern metropolis was born from the wretched outback. And today it is not only a political center, but also a beautiful oasis in the middle of a hot desert with its skyscrapers, first-class hotels, high-speed highways, wide avenues, flowering gardens, mosques and fountains.

The capital of the UAE, also called the "Manhattan of the Middle East", is located on the island only 250 meters from the Arabian Peninsula. With the mainland this small piece of land is connected by three beautiful bridges.

The northern part of Abu Dhabi, adjacent to the Corniche embankment, is densely built up by skyscrapers and buildings with modern architecture. It is here that the business pulse of the city is beating, while on its other outskirts there are many villas and townhouses belonging to the wealthiest people.

The capital of the UAE is famous not only for the standard of living of its population, but also for the same high prices: Abu Dhabi today is named in the top five most expensive megacities of the planet.

Here is a huge number of different mosques, and the largest, built in honor of Sheikh Zayed, is one of the five most grandiose on the planet.

No less beautiful is Al Ittihad - an area on which are located six snow-white sculptures, symbolizing the Arab world.

Another attraction, which is famous for the capital of the UAE, is the "White Fort", from which a stunning panorama opens. Here is the palace of the sheikhs Abu Falla, along which you can stroll, enjoying the beauty of its courtyards, the murmur of a fountain and the coolness of the gardens.

In general, to see and try everything that offers the capital of the UAE, for one trip is impossible. Therefore, many come back here to once again enjoy the beauty of the city, especially since in the city, and throughout the country, which has very strict laws, there is no crime at all.

And maybe, this quiet rest, combined with the exoticism of the east and European service, attracts tourists from all over the world.

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